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Level 3

Rose’s Thorn
Speed 4 Accuracy +5 Damage +5L Defense +2 Rate 4 (includes Orichalcum bonus)
Commitment: 5 motes

This elegantly forged Reaper Daiklave will surely be known for its beauty in the coming years as it was made to match the beauty of one known for hers. The tang is made of finely wrought steel, which has been mixed with a deep green, albeit mundane jade. The grip wrapped in soft leather and died green to keep the motif. The hilt is inlaid with small glass markings resembling a tree that’s roots are encircling it and growing back into the top, the Creator’s signature. The hand guard is made in the shape of a blossoming rose’s flower petals and is made of sparkling ruby. The blade itself is a gently curving 4-foot long, 4-inch wide, 2-inch thick thing of beauty and terror. It is forged of feather steel to make it light in the users hands, inlaid with an Orichalcum filigree which spells out the Old Realm word for Beautiful on one side and Vicious on the other, and completed by lining the cutting edge with a thin layer of emerald.
  • Whenever the user draws the sword a swirl of flower petals flow out of the sheath and dance around her.
  • For 10 motes and 1wp the user can activate the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan charm Fragrant Petal Fascination Kata with these few changes:
    • The effects last for 1 scene or until the user stops fighting
    • She cannot take hostile actions against those who fail the contested willpower roll and are thus under her sway
    • Finally, for flavor purposes, those who fail the willpower roll see her as a thing of beauty that they would do anything for if she willed it of them, but those who pass the roll and are thus merely down her Essence in dice see her as a creature of beauty and power who is the living embodiment of perfection and terror
  • For 1 mote, when the sword is sheathed, the user can cause the hand guard to clamp down around the sheath preventing it from being taken out.
  • Finally, as long as the user keeps the sword committed and by her side a sweet wild rose perfume wafts around her.

Twilight Venom Echo
Speed 4 Accuracy +5 Damage +5L Defense +3 Rate 4
5 motes to draw

In its natural form this “blade” appears as a forest green Hearthstone edged in violet. Once set in a Daiklave’s socket it shines with an inner golden glow. For 5 motes one may draw a second Daiklave out of the first. As one draws the second Daiklave it seems to rapidly grow and twist as a living, working vine of Orichalcum, glass and wood. This blade quickly forms into the Reaper Daiklave “Twilight Venom Echo”.
  • This blade may be invested with another 3 motes, which infuses the blade with life withering essence. For the scene this adds +3 damage. Each strike with this blade so infused also holds the solar fire of the Orichalcum black widow razor spider.

Wood Venom Elixir
No commitment cost

This gourd is lined with glass poison and the moss hair of a wood king on the interior. The exterior is a dull brown-green with a leather strap around the neck, below the wood stopper. The liquid inside is a brilliant thick violet, however, and never runs out. While it may only be used once in a given day and thrice in a given week its effects last a scene. After drinking the liquid the imbiber is imbued with the elemental will of the oaks and the keen deliberation of the Forest Lords. Further, the drinker takes on something of the elemental aspect of wood.
  • For the next scene after drinking the user is up one temperance and conviction as well as being affected by the spell Venom of the Heart.

Flute of the Rising Heart
Commitment: 4 motes

This is an elegantly made flute crafted of moonsilver and orichalcum that are entwined down the entire length. The keys each made from the bones of a unique songbird of that paricular pitch, and the entire inside is lined with vocal cords of a great mortal singer. The music that is emitted from the flute is peaceful and beautiful beyond words. It can soothe the savage beast or calm the most violent heart.
  • For 8 motes + 1wp the user can play a song of ultimate peace that brings even the highest battle fury to a low simmer. The player rolls (Charisma + Peformance) against the Dodge MDV's of all who listen. If you succeed then anyone who can hear you stops what they are doing including combat and listens to the music. It costs 3 willpower to break this compulsion. After the user stops playing and the magic ends people's emotions do not revert to the way they were before, but instead must be founded anew.

Zither of Discord
Commitment: 6 motes

The zither's body is made out of gossamer taken from a rioting crowd. Its strings are the tendons pulled from an Anglykae's fingers, and the entire thing is laced with orichalcum. A flame pattern is drawn onto the body of the instrument and when its strings are plucked a most lovely yet discordent sound emenates from them.
  • When the user plays the zither and invests 2 motes / minute of playing the cords that he strikes pull taught ever last emotional nerve left in those who hear it. Roll the characters (Manipulation + Performance) at a difficulty of every target's Dodge MDV. If the player passes the roll then each person who hears the music falls under an emotional effect that drives them to anger and rage. Friends will attack friends, mothers will hurt their children, and even the nicest of old men will chastize his wife. This effect costs 3 willpower to resist. Once the player stops playing the effects of his music last for another scene at, which point they end.

Twilight Venom Echo is a Hearthstone, not an Artifact. They go under HearthStones. - Telgar

Its actually an artifact it just looks like a Hearthstone in it's default state and needs to go in a Hearthstone socket in order to function properly. - Orphen