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Level 4 Offensive Artifacts

Answerer - Orichalcum - Dorchadas 
Reaver daiklave that easily pierces through armour; can harm dematerialized enemies.
Aria Kismet - Starmetal - Talion 
Reaper daiklave whose music inspires and dooms as fate requires.
Betrayer's Bane - Orichalcum, Soulsteel - BogMod 
A reaver daiklave that grows in power when used to kill exalted.
Blade of Morning Fury - Orichalcum - EndlessChase 
Power is directly affected by the power of the wielder (adds essence to stats).
The Blood Gauntlets of Tir-Kai - Soulsteel - Fifth 
Can deal extra damage; instantly kill mortals they strike.
Bloom of Ghostly Thorns - Soulsteel - Kraken 
Animated chains.
Brilliant Rain - Orichalcum - Teflonshugenja 
A marksman's powerbow.
Bountiful Vitae - Soulsteel - ForsakenRapture 
Stythe that damages others to heal the weilder.
Burning Star - Any - Moxiane 
Morningstar-like weapon that has special effects based on the magical material.
Compassion and Restraint - Soulsteel - FrivYeti 
Paired sais that restrict their victims.
Cloud-Cutters - Orichalcum - Braydz 
Chakrams that allow wielders to make multiple attacks easily.
Cor'dovienya - Orichalcum - Garden 
Pair of daggers that help provide parries, add to flashy stunts, and can bond people together.
Daisho of Fallen Glories - Soulsteel - EJGRgunner 
A katana and wazikashi set, powerful bane of the Wyld.
Devil Hand - Black Lead - Capric 
Artifact arm capable of punching Malfean cracks into creation.
Dreamshard - Jade - Selina 
Draws heavily both on the unconscious of the wielder and the victims of its bite
Embossed Fate of Shining Glory - Orichalcum - VelZiliuse
Failed Negotiations - Multiple - Dark-Sidhe 
Bracers that conjure weaponry, designed for if negotiations break down to violence.
The Feathers - None - Capric 
Artifact gloves capable of punching creation into the wyld.
General's Mind - Orichalcum - BronzeTiger 
A circlet that allows better on field command as well as stronger fighting.
Glinting Sun Edge - Orichalcum - Diceroller75 
Reaper Daiklave that gains an overdrive pool while in combat and in sun light that can be use for any charms that the wielder has.
Golden Harvest - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A powerful and holy grimscythe.
Golden Yozi Pimping Hand - Orichalcum - YerMum 
Smashfist that has powers related to Zeniths; powerful against creatures of darkness.
Grim Reminder - Soulsteel - Telgar 
A cursed Smashfist that feeds on Limit and death, created from the bones and tomb of an evil Solar.
Harvest Moon - Soulsteel - Sssssz 
A crude mockery a Grand Daiklave, aiding Deathknights in their massacres of the weak.
Headsman's Axe -none 
A favorite amongst executioners for hundreds of years!.
Heaven's Storm - Orichalcum and Moonsilver - FrivYeti 
Paired axes that discourage attackers.
Icefist - Soulsteel - Darloth 
Smashfist with strong ice-based powers.
Illuminating Wrath of the Sun - Orichalcum - Malikai 
Great axe, conscrated to justice and to the defeat of Creation's enemies.
Infinite Daiklave - Any - Madwand 
Daiklave with the power to become any sword, from the smallest knife to a warstrider grand daiklave.
Inertial Hammer of the Indomitable Dragon - White Jade - Fifth 
Hammer that is unparryable; can bash its way through armour and knock back opponents.
Intruder Blade - Orichalcum - BrilliantRain 
The ninja's swiss army knife.
Keystone Staff - Starmetal - Telgar 
Key-shaped staff that can open locks; grants hardness equal to the wielder's normal soak.
Kachirokumonji - Orichalcum - BrilliantRain 
A sword that lets nothing stand in it's way, except people.
Lion Heart - Moonsilver - MelWong 
A gunblade-inspired moonsilver daiklave. : .
Logos Nail -Moonsilver - Ambisinister 
A spear forged from the pieces of an ancient weapon, useful against multiple opponents.
Maggot Revolver - Soulsteel - Ashande 
Revolver that fires maggots that slowly devour an enemy.
Medusan Tiara - Green Jade - Capric 
A tiara that lets you use your hair as a ranged weapon.
Moonstaff Of The Hidden Tree - Moonsilver - Clebo 
A staff of sorcerers and spirit-speakers.
Mrote - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Throwing knife that returns to the hand of the wielder; uses the power of light to increase damage.
Perfect Companion - Orichalcum - Gayo 
A universal weapon capable of being used in almost any way.
Pinnacle - Orihalcom - Ambisinister 
A blade which imparts a measure of its perfection to its wielder's skills.
Pledgekeeper - None - Seiraryu 
Daiklave that has the power to sanctify oaths and strike back against those who would break them.
Promise Keeper & Dream Weaver - Orichalcum - Dorchadas 
Two daggers that grant powers of illusion, location, and, if together, two fully independent actions.
Radiance and Brilliance - Orichalcum - Quendalon 
Paired daiklaves that grow bright when used together; can be used to dazzle your enemies and hurt creatures of darkness.
Ragnarok Blade - Orichalcum, Blue Jade - Haku 
A type of crystal-like weapons once popular in the first age with massive damage potential.
Raptor's Glory - Orichalcum - Mailanka 
Daiklave that grants 3 successes to any flash manoeuvre not related to damage in combat; sanctifies challenges.
Righteousness and Justice - Orichalcum - CrownedSun 
Hooked daiklaves that work with martial arts and grant an extra offhand attack.
ScrollofRazorWords - Soulsteel - Nagon 
a whip that binds and controls.
Shamira - Orichalcum - Dorchadas 
Defensive weapon that can knock back opponents or make them unable to attack the wielder.
Shroud of Iron Shadows - Soulsteel - SlipNine 
Infinite weapon of solid shadows powered by Ikselam's Shadow-Sewing Stone.
Silencing of Breath - Soulsteel - Telgar 
Grimcleaver that can destroy spirits and strike immaterial things in the right hands; also strikes in complete silence.
Silent Raiton - Orichalcum - FrivYeti 
A bow built for the Night Caste. .
Sleep of the Ages - Orichalcum - Braydz 
Daiklave that grants extra damage against undead and demons; has powers similar to the Zenith anima power.
Spellbreakers - Orichalcum - Seraph 
Set of short swords that grant an extra action and protect the wielder against spells.
Stormseeker - Orichalcum and Jade - Seraph 
Trident that has the power of lightning, doing extra damage; can fire a lash of lightning up to 50 yards.
Sunglasses of the Heaven-Shattering Lord - None - Capric 
"Who the hell do you think I am!?".
Sunspot Chakram - Orichalcum - BrilliantRain 
Chakram that attacks extra opponents; does extra damage versus creatures of darkness.
Sword of the Celestial Dragon - Orichalcum - Savare 
This Daiklave is for the strong of heart with the need of a strong weapon to uphold their ideals and preserve their dreams.
Talon of Gaia's Censure - Jade and Adamant - Rathmun 
Reaper Daiklave that strikes a powerful balance with the Elements.
The Soul Eye - Soulsteel - Trithne 
Eyepiece to see the souls of the living, and flay them wholesale from the body, casting them to Oblivion.
Taste of Oblivion - Soulsteel - Konpeito 
Every wound it inflicts subjects the victim to a few moments of Oblivion
Tempest and Undertow - Soulsteel- haren and FiatVictrix 
A pair of cutlass-like daiklaves. One is a blade of terrible jealousy and vicious defense, while the other is filled with rage and destroys all resistance.
Traveller - Orichalcum - LeumasWhite 
A sword that strikes through Elsewhere.
Tsunami Blade -Orichalcum - [[[MelWong]]] 
A legendary wavecleaver daiklave that harnesses the power of the Uttermost West.
Vengeful Reflectory - Any - Telgar 
Mirror that, when used to parry an attack, reflects it back at the attacker.
Verdant Hunter - Green Jade - Braydz 
Short green jade powerbow that can create arrows tipped with thorns that dig in for extra damage.
War Bell - Any - Telgar 
Bell that can attack enemies; causes aggravated damage to Fae.
Warrior's Arm - Orichalcum - BronzeTiger 
A bracer that modifies a weapon you possess with the Glorious Solar Saber Charm .
Widow's Lament - Soulsteel - Shoggoth 
Strange weapon with a twisted metal maze for a blade,; intimidates enemies and can entangle them.
Wild Growth Resonance Circlet - Orichalcum - BronzeTiger 
A circlet that allows its user to produce an effect like Wood Dragon Armor and increase the intelligence of vegetation.
Writhing Specter Blade -Soulsteel - Ambisinister 
The angry spirits trapped within this weapon like to violenty express their distress.
Zin's Edge - Orichalcum - Fifth 
Daiklave that allows wielder to freely combo melee charms