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Slip Nine Arcadi

22 year-old would-be artist/animator who writes That Which Should Not Be... or at the very least things that make gods and Incarna go "... THAT. DOES. NOT. GO. THERE." ...Even Luna, who is normally not so picky about those things and the other things and the duckbutter.

Actual Content



SlipNine/FairFolkCharms - Because, well, they need 'em!


SlipNine/WrynnDiermidis - Creator of 'Mind-Blanking Cute Technique'. Cutest lil legendary thief kitty you ever saw.

SlipNine/ElizabethHolysword - Headstrong Lunar pricess of Whiteshield. "If you don't like it, CHANGE IT." (ADoA)

SlipNine/Kia - The daughter of Ariden Kaile, a rich ex-dynast bastard-born never-exalted scavenger-lord-turned-socialite who married back into nobility shortly before Kia was born. "...are you gonna eat that book?"(For Kraken's Grand All-Creation Cross-Directional Quest)

SlipNine/ErinCross - Fragments of an unfinished ADoA Abyssal. Someday she'll be complete. Maybe.

SlipNine/RainOfUnspokenWords - She really is such a poor Diplomat, one might suspect she sabatoges her own efforts in the name of fun! "Does it turn into a warstrider?" (ADoA) (Retired)

They Who Are Not Me

Alphabetically in no particular order

  • DarkheartOne - Ye Childe of Chaos (...more than me ¬_¬)
  • DarkSirenSally - Writer of Characters Whose Histories Reach Copious Lengths. (A.k.a. Mieu)
  • GoldenCat - He Who Runs Games (...and inflates my ego)
  • Greymane - The Chosen One (Chosen by the Muse, that is, who gives him waaaaay too much attention, it seems ~_^)
  • Kazuki - Mieu's Love Slave Generator (v.2.05.1.)
  • Kraken - The Player (...of more games than exist days of the week. And he ST's too.)
  • Morrigu - She-Demon (and All-Around Nice Person.)
  • Raccoon - Magical Eldritch Were-coon, or mundane dumpster-diver? (You decide)
  • Selina - She Who Embodies Death (...and cheesecake)
  • SlipNine - Errm...Yeah... Don't ask (...just don't)