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Garden's Little Space of Exaltedness

Garden, aka 'Plib', aka 'Hey! You!', but mainly known as Karen, likes to ramble lots. And so this space was born, ready to house all such rambleyness. Should you wish to join in the rambling, please pull up a keyboard and ramble to your heart's content.


Updates and Rambles

7th April 2004:\\ Been away for a while, had a brief spate of Life, which I have now recovered from. Back to 'normal' now though, and I come bearing shiny things!:

Added Riding the Wave\\ Added Cor'dovienya


  • Randomness
    • A blank character sheet, much like the one that can be found on FormatStandards/CharacterFormat, only with all the traits and nothing filled in as the ones on there are. Makes the process of putting in new characters much simpler.
    • Primer Pack for Exalted - Something I've been doing the past couple of weeks to help a new player learn Exalted. Not a lot there at the moment, and what is there needs work, but it's getting there.