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All Hail Braydz, Puck of the Scrub-Pine Vales!

Greetings and salutations.
Yes, I FINALLY caught onto the bandwagon and am going 2nd Ed.
I'm working on updating my old material and getting it up here, but it'll be a while.

My 1st Edition Page


9-29-08: Added two new pages for house-rules of some more generic and staple magics like Artifacts, Thaumaturgy, Sorcery, etc.

9-9-08: Whole bunch of DB Charm revisions posted, and Martial Arts got their own page. Also been dinking with general house-rules and lightened up A LOT on Inter-Style Martial Arts combos.

8-15-08: Tweaked Wound-Mending Care Tech. No more insta-heal combo.

8-5-08: Tweaking things. Terrestrials got some love and are gonna get more.

3-17-08: Added some revisions to Solar Dodge, Linguistics, Ride and Sail Charms. Also, posted some particulars for Supernatural MA Styles.

12-12-07: 2nd Edition God-Blooded rules posted.

11-14-07: Obligatory Notice of Inception




Braydz/Houserules2 Everything from character creation to minutia. Braydz/Esoterica2 Acts and Arts, house-ruled and home-brewed. Braydz/Wonders2 Places and Things, like Esoterica but crunchy.


Braydz/SolarCharms2 Revisions to 2nd Edition Charms and new Charms for Solars Braydz/LunarCharms2 Like "SolarCharms2," but with fur Braydz/DBCharms2 Because they need it. Braydz/MartialArts2 They need their own page.



  • Braydz/ElizaDane2 Daughter of a fire elemental, she's got her feet on the stage and stars in her eyes.


Braydz/Waiting Braydz/Studio