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A little about me..hmmm

Not that much to say..I've been RPGing for a few years, but only seriously since I went to university five years ago. the WW Exalted system is my favourite system and setting of the moment, though Spycraft 2.0 and Adventure! come so very close, As will my own massive re-write of the exalted combat model for my sci-fi version of the system, with vaguely similar setting (I hope) I've played/own quite alot of RPG stuff, DnD, GURPS, Shadowrun, Fuzion, CoC .. the list goes on.

That's most of what I have to say..



Sorcery/Kraken - Spells, of varying stripe!


it is with great hesitation that I unleash the most terrible thing ever to happen to Exalted: ExaltedSpam - I apologise most deeply

Bitter Flowers Cult - A secretive group that exists for vigilante justice on those who evade Heaven's own.