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Illuminating Wrath of the Sun</b>\\ Artifact <b>••••</b>\\ Orichalcum Great Axe\\ w/o MM: Spd +0, Acc +4, Dmg +9L, Def +1\\ w/ MM: Spd +1, Acc +5, Dmg +9L, Def +2\\ Requires: Strength 2; Commitment: 10

Forged in the first age to strike down the enemies of creation, Illuminating Wrath of the Sun is an enormous Axe, the blade crafted of Orichalcum and carved with runes of justice and valor. The haft of this mighty blade was fashioned from the heartwood of a great black tree found in the southeast growing near one of Great Garda's everburing flames and banded with White Jade.


  • 10m, Add perm essence to damage for a scene
  • 10m, Agg damage to Demons, Undead, Abyssal Exalted And Fair Folk for a scene
  • 10m, Do raw damage (Str+9) in unsoakable agg to one target within 10 yards as per the Zenith caste anima power (the two effects can be stacked, 15m total to activate both.)
  • Glow on Command, Clear Vision out to 30yards

My First Level 5 Artifact, I used the ArtifactCreationErrata to design it - Malikai\\ Converted to match These Rules

Stripped 2 powers
10m, Compell truth from anyone who is touching the axe with thier skin (target need not be willing)
+4 to socialize to Discern Lies

- Malikai

Creation Errata or not, I actually see this as vastly underpowered. It's combat values are barely sneeze-worthy compared to a Grand Daiklave, and all the powers are just reminiscent of charms already in the book. If this axe was designed for someone out to hunt creation's enemies, wouldn't he/she already have all those abilities? Why would a first age smith make an artifacts with redundant powers if the price was reduced combat utility? At artifact 5, I expect this thing to cleave through soulsteel doors and cause demons to wet themselves at a hundred paces. -- DODurden

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