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Quendalon's Menagerie of Exalted Stuff

My name is Eric Minton (also known on ENWorld as "Ciaran" and LiveJournal as "Firebranch"), and I'm a 37 year old gamer from New York City who's been forced to work as a web designer in order to make ends meet. Working on various gaming projects helps me stay sane amidst the mindless tedium that is my job.

My first Exalted campaign, Ten Thousand Broken Dreams, had a good run before it died, and the players retain some fond memories. I left Exalted behind after that game ended. Now, four years later, I've been invited into a 2nd Edition game that's being set up by LiOfOrchid. The old fire is burning again!




  • Abyssals: Deathknights of the Mask of Winters.
  • Solars: The four player characters in my campaign.


Items and Powers

  • Artifacts: Mostly household magics, but with greater things to come.
  • Charms: An assortment of Charms of various levels of power and utility.
  • Hearthstones: A batch of shiny little Hearthstones.
  • Necromancy: A dark spell or two.
  • Sorcery: A sorcerous spell or two.
  • The Dragon's Pearl: A magical manifestation for the puissant occultist.


  • Numerology: A homebrewed numerology write-up for my Exalted campaign, to confuse and delight occultists throughout Creation.
  • Elemental Tarot: A deck of cards for the Scavenger Lands.
  • Writings: Snippets of lore.



Hey Quendalon. You probably don't remember this, but you left me a comment on my artifacts a while back which suggested that I come up with a kind of vitrioldust -- that is, firedust enchanted so that it leans more towards the Malfean element than fire. (The comment is still up over at Shataina/ArtifactComments in case you want to refer to it.) Believe it or not, I actually think about it every once in a while, but I haven't been able to come up with anything I find satisfactory for vitrioldust power besides "looky, it's acidic! Cool!" I would really appreciate some suggestions if you have time / inclination. Thanks.
~ Shataina

Hi Shataina! I do indeed remember the elementaldust discussions. Unfortunately I'm in an 'off' period for Exalted; I've put my Exalted game on hiatus due to a player's departure and general burnout, and most of my gaming energies are going towards Paranoia XP development. That said, I will try and think of something useful to do with vitriol. Certainly it will require a closer analysis of the Metody for inspiration. - Quendalon

Thank you so much.  :) I look forward to your brilliance.
~ Shataina

<jumping up and down> Thank you for writing a Lexicon entry! Double props for involving Seven Hymns Princess. As with willows, I would send you a cookie if I knew you better ... perhaps I should start stalking you people now so I can find your addresses and adequately express my appreciation when you write entries ... That'll teach you to put your full names on your Wiki pages. <plots>
~ Shataina

Hey, Quendalon, I'm planning on writing up a sort of CFO for the the Bureau of Heaven-- a pacifistic counterpart to the Bureau of Humanity's CFO, Amoth. Mind if I mention your Ayizan as his chief subordinate in charge of Celestial matters of trade and commerce, especially the distribution of Quintessence? -- IsawaBrian

Sure, go right ahead. - Quendalon

omg you're ALIVE? AND IN NYC? Next time I'm down there we've got to hang out. - willows

Yes! Yes! And most definitely yes! Are you still down in Baltimore? - Quendalon
Not anymore...I moved to western Massachusetts a few months ago. It's much nicer here. -w

Small question, why are you removing your contributions from the Taxonomy of Madness? They were really good! :( - nikink

Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to answer your question. Sorry! - Quendalon
Oh poo! I choose to believe it's for a very good reason, beneficial to all concerned. And that a congratulations and/or goodluck is in order! B-) - nikink
I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but the reason I removed those contributions was because I'd added versions of them to Circle of Celestial Directions: Malfeas. - Quendalon