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I am currently pruning Sidereal campaign known as The Division of Inauspicious Terrestrial Events.

Here is some information about the campaign.


I also like developing charms, artifacts and some other stuff






Dude. BestPractices. Top-level pages for singular artifacts with underscores in the name? - LeumasWhite

Is it Correct Now? How do I remove a page? I haven't contributed to wiki before. - Nagon

Hi Nagon, welcome to the wiki. That campaign looks much nicer on your page; and I went to go link it on the campaign page and it was already done and minor-edited no less - wonderful! There is, at the moment, no way to permanently remove a wiki page, so don't worry about it. We often will put redirect tags on old pages, but it's not necessary. If there's anything you need help with, just let us know. - TheHoverpope

Take a look at the "Oops, I named a page badly. Ho do I move or delete it?" section of HowDoIDoThat. As that section describes, please add redirects to the pages you "moved". This will prevent them from showing up as Orphans. Thanks. Also, could you tell me what pages you looked at before you started editing? I should probably put links to HowDoIDoThat on those pages. - Wordman