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is a Selina

24 years old, but hoping to go to graduate school at some point. Has two cats but only one lives in her house. Knows the delicious (but evil) secret recipe for summoning Fiat - demon of the second circle (not telling which Yozi!), as well as the secrets of Giant Weta Style. Wants to play a Twilight version of Naga from Slayers someday.


Oh yes, you all asked for them!


Selina/DarkAngel - Renegade Daybreak assassin of the North who lives in Nexus and pretends the Lover doesn't remember who she is, comes with wings free of charge! For GoldenCat""'s A Dance of Angels

Selina/WinterRose - Chosen of Serenity, also child of the Kite Flute. Married to a Ledaal Dragonblood she'll never beat in Gateway and sleeps as much as the Bronze will let her. Adores Pattern Spiders and Sesselja. For GoldenCat""'s Fated in Dark Stars

Selina/MnemonValeriya - Arrogant Mnemon soon-to-be-Earth-Aspect (she hopes) princess, who is (un)lucky enough to be Mnemon's grandchild. For FiatVictrix""'s UnderPressure

Selina/Kushiel -


Selina/Dreamshard - The Dark Angel's daiklave

Selina/Arrakis - Winter Rose's daiklave

Selina/RegaliaOfJasiaLaseire - Winter Rose's dress and mantle

Selina/SadRainsWhisper - Safire's Sword, made for Arcy



None worthy of being here yet!

People to flee to

DarkSirenSally - Mieu makes alot better histories and bios than I.
David. - Creator of Giant Weta Style!
GoldenCat - Runs fun games, and the other cat.
Greymane - Creates good stuff out of nowhere (and sometimes when you poke him enough).
Haren - She's created more Abyssal stuff than I'll probably ever make. >_>
Kraken - Everyone seems to love him!
LeumasWhite - Untwinky goodness. Also afraid of giant wetas.
SlipNine - Inspired me to finally get my wikipage up.