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Gayo's User Page

I am Gayo. In some places I go by "halfassured." I like Exalted and Changeling, among others. Game systems are a major interest of mine and I like to poke at rules.

I am new here and do not quite have the hang of the wiki yet. If I do anything horrid, give me a heads up.


There isn't enough of this for me to organize it into personal category pages yet, so I'm just dumping it all here.


  • Solar Athletics Charms  : A Charm tree devoted to twisting and defying the laws of physics. Spawned from a nagging urge to make a double-jump Charm.
  • Solar Occult Charms  : A tiny little Charm tree focused on attuning to stuff.
  • Solar Sail Charms  : Several knot-tying Charms. Why buy useful Charms when you can learn to tie knots reflexively instead?


  • Katamari  : A white jade ball that you roll around. Things stick to it, and it gets big.
  • Perfect Companion  : A 4-dot orichalcum weapon. What kind of weapon is it? Well...