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Being an attempt to centrally organize the NexusProject.

There are three over-lists: one that goes by type, one that goes by author name, and one that goes by singular items. All items go on all three over-lists. Items By Type is divided into sublists, and each sublist goes in alphabetical order; Items by Author is a list of alphabetically-ordered author names with entries below each name; and Items By Name is one big list that also goes in alphabetical order. (If a name begins with "The", then stick it under the right spot for the next word in the name -- for example,The Nexus Scuttlebutt goes under N, not T.)

It's also customary to add a link under the Major District Indexes on the TheNexusProject page.

Try to keep the synopsis of your entry to one line, and don't forget to add the neighbourhood it belongs to in parentheses.

You are responsible for listing your own entries on these lists. If you don't, then your entry will be much harder for people to find and refer to.

(By the way, it's considered polite to add your entry to the Index using a minor edit.)

Items By Type

This is in five categories: Singular People of Note; Trade Establishments and Money-Makers; Societies, Families and Groups; Places, Neighbourhoods and Areas; and Items of Note. An entry only gets listed in one of these five sublists; try to determine which category your entry best fits into rather than putting it into more than one.

Singular People of Note

Trade Establishments and Money-Makers e.g. shops, financial companies

Societies, Families and Groups e.g. secret societies, not-so-secret societies, families, guilds, academies

Places, Neighbourhoods and Areas e.g. small neighbourhoods, individual streets, themed areas, good places for kung fu battles

Items of Note things that don't fit in the first four categories

Items By Author

This is a list of authors in alphabetical order; their entries are listed under their names.











Budi the Street Sage -- impoverished, homeless sage












  • Goliath -- The first age wonder that is the Goliath District. (Nexus)






Items By Name

This is a complete list.

  1. Abattoir Rise -- area on the border of Nighthammer and Nexus (Nighthammer)
  2. Ashtown Reapers -- group of eerie ruin-wandering children (Ashtown)
  3. The Avenue of Enigmatic Philosophy -- bizarrely whorehouse-filled street (Bastion)
  4. Azure Glass Books -- private library, bookstore, and temple (Cinnabar)
  5. Bale of Stars -- Nexus's top gemcutting establishment (Nighthammer)
  6. The Banded Disc -- thieves' guild that is growing Firewander)
  7. Bethrel -- impossibly beautiful mortal prostitute Tellnaught)
  8. Black Larks Song -- high-powered distinguished thaumaturge (Cinnabar)
  9. Black Obol Finance -- underground network of safe-deposit vaults (The Underground)
  10. Bliss -- tasty mind-candy nummies ... mmmm (Nexus)
  11. Blood Star Lily -- powerful and dangerous hallucinogenic flower. Whoa... (Cinnabar)
  12. The Blue Crow -- rowdy brothel for men who like men (Bastion)
  13. The Blue Tongue Orchid -- shh! Secret ingredient! Don't tell! (Cinnabar)
  14. Boddels Eaterie -- surprisingly good, healthy food for Firewander (Firewander)
  15. The Bower of the Mask -- the "Playboy Mansion" of Bastion (Bastion)
  16. The Bridge of Ebullient Maidens -- fancy bridge with interesting underside (Bastion)
  17. The Broken Mirror -- best time you'll never remember (Cinnabar)
  18. Budi the Street Sage -- impoverished, homeless sage
  19. Bureauof Numbers -- noble group of do-gooders working for the council Nexus
  20. Burglars End -- cul-de-sac with a morbid name Brookside
  21. The Burning Blade Dojo -- Martial Arts School in Cinnabar, run by the mysterious Ronin (Cinnabar)
  22. Cassio Valn -- portraitist whose pictures are either bad or inspired (Tellnaught)
  23. Celebrants Circle -- secret society of unknown spiritual purpose (Brookside)
  24. Chapelofthe Earthbound Stars -- hidden undergound Manse (Firewander)
  25. Charred Blossom -- Nexus' very own mythical Robin Hood (Firewander)
  26. The Crazy Goose Lady -- vagrant seller of goose eggs and deliverer of groceries (Brookside)
  27. Cinnabar Chalk Initiative -- art project seeking to turn vandals into decorators (Cinnabar)
  28. Crooknecks Row -- sunken street ( Nexus )
  29. Crones Street -- street full of depressed cynics and nasty statues (Cinnabar)
  30. Dagon Academy -- odd school for tailors (Cinnabar)
  31. Dancing Plaza -- hub of the Nexus district ( Nexus )
  32. Darque Chocolat -- expensive chocolatier (Bastion)
  33. Dead Beast Hill -- haunted hill covered in dead skins (Firewander)
  34. Delicate Orchid -- high-class, incredibly expensive harlot (Nexus)
  35. Delos Ferrano -- mysterious and fickle rich man (Bastion)
  36. Dragons Pearls -- candy that tastes good, too good .... (Nexus)
  37. Drunken Wind Street -- where Yu-Shan's down-and-outs come to stay (Firewander)
  38. Eroica -- goddess of a dead song (Firewander)
  39. Five Fold Key of Shades -- mysterious painting (Nexus )
  40. Flittering Shroud -- serial worshipper (Firewander)
  41. The Forsakens Bastards -- Solar-led mercenary band (Cinnabar)
  42. Ghallve Library -- of the two public libraries in Nexus, the fiction one Cinnabar)
  43. The Golden Bull -- brothel catering to more bovine needs (Bastion)
  44. Golden Lion Guild -- mercenary company whose major asset is a Celestial Lion (Nexus)
  45. The Great Nexus Fire -- destroyed vast areas of Nexus 40 years ago (Nexus)
  46. Green Star Rising -- gorgeous, musically talented, and slowly going insane (Bastion)
  47. Guen Sil Yeong -- albino doctor in the undercity (The Underground)
  48. Heavenly Transport Company -- airborne public transportation throughout the city Nexus)
  49. House of the Blue Rose -- Nexus's most discreet and expensive brothel (Cinnabar)
  50. Icefire Snapdragon -- a very nice girl of some wealth and breeding (Bastion)
  51. Indulgent Flames Stall -- curio stall in which items of power are frequently found (Nexus)
  52. Interwoven Avenue -- a street that bends space and sprouts Manses (Bastion)
  53. Invincible Princess Sword -- Icefire Jasmine's Daiklave. (Bastion)
  54. Jade Cage of Warrants -- an extraordinary nuisance to oath-breakers (Nexus)
  55. Junas Breadbasket -- bakery and rags-to-riches success story (Nexus)
  56. Kelyom -- god of something that, technically, never existed (Firewander)
  57. Kresh Inik -- enigmatic god whose beauty captivates all (Firewander)
  58. Kshaha Library -- of the two public libraries in Nexus, the nonfiction one Cinnabar)
  59. Lady Frost -- reclusive God-Blooded jeweller / healer / warrior / hero of unknown parentage (Bastion)
  60. Lady of Dancing Tiger Reeds -- a dancing nude in exquisite marble (Bastion)
  61. Landslide Gang -- a gang of nutjobs led by Solars (Firewander)
  62. The Laughing Watersprite Bathhouse -- Swimming? Bathing? Relaxing? Here you go! (Nexus)
  63. The Little Death -- exclusive lingerie and cosmetic shop owned by one of the Yeskanero family (Cinnabar)
  64. The Lonely Mendicants Tree -- tree surrounded by children's stories (Cinnabar)
  65. Lost Antiquities -- strange shop dealing with rare antiquities and pseudo-magical trinkets (The Underground)
  66. Magic Island -- Nightclub with a magic act (Cinnabar)
  67. The Main Chance -- casino with unusual staff (Cinnabar)
  68. Maros Herbarium and Apothecary -- back-alley abortionist (Firewander)
  69. Mole Spider Thief -- catburglar extraordinaire (Bastion)
  70. My Prodigal Sun -- creepy band that plays at Malfeas (Firewander)
  71. Nexus Sceptics Society -- people who don't believe in magic (Firewander)
  72. The Nexus Scuttlebutt -- Nexus's only broadsheet (Firewander)
  73. Nice Dreams -- one-of-a-kind ice-cream shop powered by artists (Cinnabar)
  74. Night Wood Park -- evil park containing a tiny shadowland (Sentinels Hill)
  75. Old Gran -- wise, old woman and a powerful resident of Firewander (Firewander)
  76. Orinas Colors Academy -- exclusive, hard-to-get-into artist's academy (Nexus)
  77. Peleps Deknas Iron Foundry -- ironworks owned by a Fire-Aspected Realm expatriate (Nighthammer)
  78. Pen Yaun -- god of impractical foreknowledge (Firewander)
  79. Plaza of Rising Stars -- affluent artisans' neighbourhood begun by a mysterious merchant (Cinnabar)
  80. The Porcupine Quill -- high-class tailor (Bastion )
  81. Prints of Pleasure -- pornographic woodcut studio and brothel (Firewander)
  82. Purple Mouse -- if pain is your pleasure, do we ever have the girls for you! (Bastion)
  83. Quartz Cathedral -- mysterious story-cavern under Nexus (The Underground)
  84. Qurtok -- god of unclaimed luggage ( Firewander )
  85. Rainbow Spire -- established dyeworks owned by a prestigious merchant family (Nexus)
  86. The Red Cat -- brothel for women who love women (Bastion)
  87. Rednails Kiln -- source of gorgeous, colourful tiles (Nighthammer)
  88. Redstone Theatre -- famous theatre in Nexus (Cinnabar)
  89. The Rivergate Scandal -- incident where a terrible creature ravaged the city (Firewander)
  90. Sangurio Destheme -- incredibly talented artist in any media he chooses to try (Cinnabar)
  91. School of the Flow -- school of sorcery and thaumatergy ( Nexus)
  92. Seventh Tomb -- weird street sweeper (Firewander)
  93. Shackle Breakers -- militant anti-slavery group (Bastion)
  94. Shining Thistle -- owner of an exotic greenhouse (Cinnabar)
  95. Sign of the Black Cock -- pub with an insanely strong signature liquor (Cinnabar)
  96. The Singing Disease -- disease that will have you singing with joy Firewander)
  97. Six Radiant Stars -- portrait painter of fame and skill (Nexus)
  98. Shrine of the Forgotten -- mysterious shrine, left unmaintained by law (Bastion)
  99. Shunas Well -- well of fresh, expensive water (Brookside)
  100. Sorrows Rhyme -- creepy little nursery rhyme Sentinels Hill)
  101. Sovenant Chrysanthemum Field -- old Greenedged Thom gives proper burial rites to bodies from the river (Dungtown)
  102. Spiders Tears -- carnivorous marsh vine. Eep. (Firewander)
  103. Spindleheart Deka -- unremarkable tanner who sometimes works as a mercenary (Tellnaught)
  104. Stone of Ebon Blood -- demonic stone that is causing some gory problems (Cinnabar)
  105. The Street of Queens -- jeweller's area (Nighthammer)
  106. The Silent Requiem -- brothel for necrophialic customers (Bastion)
  107. Stone Pine Marsh -- a really creepy place with some creepy, animal-skinning cultists (Firewander)
  108. Ted -- neighbor of a Celestial Lion (Nexus)
  109. Tellnaught Patrol -- Tellnaught's local peacekeepers ( Tellnaught )
  110. Theatre of Death -- no play, no actors, but the death part is true -- Nexus's haunted jailhouse (Ashtown)
  111. Three Rascals -- group of weird Scavenger Lords (Cinnabar)
  112. Thousand Flower Temple -- one of the few Immaculate temples in Nexus ( Cinnabar)
  113. Tomb of Shouting Gods -- tomb surrounded by shouting statues (Cinnabar)
  114. Toppled Susan -- dessert that takes way too long to make (Cinnabar)
  115. Tower Barracks -- shabby-genteel boarding house and tea-room place Sentinels Hill)
  116. Travelers Companion -- a handy "guide book" for the city of Nexus (Nexus)
  117. Tshugars Annual Junk Sale -- huge sale of, well, junk (Sentinels Hill)
  118. The Tunnelz -- Nexus's very own subway system The Underground)
  119. The Twisted Cane -- sweetshop that produces candy fit for kings (Nexus)
  120. Whistle Street -- street that whistles. No, really! (Tellnaught)
  121. Winterlight Pawn Shoppe -- pawn shop of excellent repute, with fastidious forms (Cinnabar)
  122. Wives of Gozen -- unusual salon / gossip club (Cinnabar)
  123. Yeskanero Merchanting Family -- wealthy shipping / trading company independent of the Guild (Nexus)
  124. Zensar -- the best club in Cinnabar!!!!! (Cinnabar)


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