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Shorlixa's Exalted Goodies

Well yeah, having fun with wiki.

Custom Stuff

House Rules - House Rules I enjoy using, whether my own creation or linkage to someone else's creations.

Story Artifacts - Where I convert various fun stuff from movies and books and suchlike into artifacts just for fun.

Story NPCs - Where I convert various fun people from fictional sources into NPCs for games.

Story Settings - Where I convert settings, groups and other such things from fictional sources into the Exalted world.

Campaigns and Ideas

So many ideas here but an inability to run them. Except for one or two.

The Last Age - Where nothing is what it seems. No good people, no bad people, just choices to be made.

Into New Worlds - An Alchemical AU heavily inspired by Science Fiction. Mainly Stargate.

Performers Game - A Solar campaign on a Solar performing troupe that ended before we really got anywhere.

Western Pirates - For Pirate fun

Fun Frolics - Putting stuff online for reference purposes only