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Dagon Academy

by BrilliantRain

"This dress is wonderful, but wash your hands next time! You simply reek of fish!"
- Icefire Jasmine talking to Elegant Koi, esteemed graduate of the Academy.
"Damn it! This is the sixth time I've gotten lost today!"
- Luminous Eel, new student at the Academy.

Located near the edge of the Cinnabar district, on the banks of the Yellow River, stands the prestigious Dagon Academy, the premiere school for tailors and other workers of cloth. The building, designed by a southern architect on the ruins of an old temple from the first age, is quite large and rather easy to get lost in. In fact, some older students claim that the reason the architect, Abdul, hasn't been seen since he finished the building is that he became lost inside it.

The teachers are very noticeable, not just for their amazing designs (which uniformly have a rather eerie alien beauty) but for their oddly luminous eyes and pale skin. They are also famed for their prowess in all arts relating to the making of cloth, clothing, and other such items. The rumors relating to the supposed nepotism of the faculty in terms of potential students are totally untrue, although the decision-making process is fairly arcane and not explained to outsiders.

Most classes are held in the main building, although some of the higher-level classes that deal with secret tailoring methods are taught in another building on a nearby island that is safe from prying eyes. This building is also where they keep the dyed cloth they buy from the Rainbow Spire. The security system is quite good; only the Mole-Spider Thief is known to have successfully stolen anything from the place. However, there are no indications as to the nature of the security system other than the persistent smell of fish that seems to hang around the place after any attempted robbery.


  • "Them people are up to somethin'! They goes swimmin' all the time and makes squelchin' noises when they walk."
  • "They say that the foundation that the academy was built on was once a temple to some goddess named Kimbery. What? Did I say somthing wrong? Hey! Come back!"


  • Luminous Eel is putting out for the teachers in an effort to improve her grades. (Yes this is actually the biggest secret they have.)



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