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Update, May 28, 2005: back from digging up nails and bones and broken things. It was a lot of fun except for all the rain. I have Dragonblooded and kobolds vying for space i my brain. We'll see where this leads. Exalted D&D?

Update, May 8, 2005: I'm going away for a few weeks to dig up sunken ruins! Woohoo! (No, seriously. Fieldschool rocks.) Also: Rezbian!

Intro babble

Hihi! I'm Okensha and I'm still fairly new to the wiki. It's pretty addictive. (I've almost been late to work twice now because of it!) It's also really helping my roommate's efforts towards getting me interested in Exalted, and maybe someday we'll drum up some players and have an actual game. Anyway, it's the NexusProject that has gotten me to actually contribute, since it's an understandable little format. I've never wikied before, so I needed to pick an entry point.

I intend to check BestPractices occasionally, to keep my mind aware of Wiki etiquette. If you see me doing something I shouldn't, feel free to point it out to me; just please be gentle, I'm new. Also, please don't be offended if I correct a typo or spelling mistake.. I'm just sort of compulsive that way, and I believe having the correct spelling makes reading go smoother. I'll try not to go wild.

As I understand more about Exalted, I hope to contribute more. I've been reading manga and superhero comics since before I pupated, and playing rpgs since long before that, so I suppose that will influence my take on the setting. I suspect that all these years of reading fantasy and science fiction novels, and playing various video games, will also influence me, and I'm tickled to have already spotted some very familiar fighting Charms on here. ;) I'm also interested in history from many places and periods, but Bronze Age stuff and hero-tales from Southeast Asia seem to match Exalted well in my mind; applying mythology from pretty much anywhere is also fun. (Eventually this "my influences" paragraph will grow so enormous I'll cave and make a list.) And did I mention my shameless addiction for bad action movies like "Surf Ninjas" and "Double Dragon"? Another inspiration for me is music -- sometimes it just gives me ideas, insight, or images. Picture a group of Abyssals drunkenly jamming to Guns'n'Roses' "Dust and Bones"...

As a personal aside, Okensha is something I came up with, oh, years ago. I needed a character name on the fly, so I just flipped one of my nicnames (Ash-neko) backwards. Perhaps someday Dan Okensha will be seen in Creation.

Contact: I basically disappear on Friday afternoon and reappear Sunday evening, because of my work schedule. Email me at mercifulscorpius @ hotmail.com (without the spaces, of course) if you feel the need. :)

My Nexus Project Contributions

Put here by request of a friend who wasn't sure how to find my stuff. (Although that should be easier now that a section of the Index is the entries catalogued by author.)

... Maybe someday I will put a list of the easter eggs in each of these entries. ;) (Shuna's Well doesn't have one, though. Unless you count the fact that "Artelian" is maybe one letter off from "artesian", but that was a fluke...)

Random Things

Pondering what Exaltation might be like for different individuals, I wrote this snippet on the 15th of January. I also started what's turning out to be a bit of a saga, but I'm not posting that. Yet.

In Creation, there is a dancer, moving to the rhythms of the drums, of the people, of the gods. A body made of flesh and bone and blood pulses with the spark of awareness that reaches past the self to the other, and sees the interconnectivity like a changing web overlaying shifting glows that are the Essence of life. The sun grows heavy and bright as striving skin slick with sweat ripples over muscles pushed past exhaustion into exhilaration, dancing for the people with the people in, of, around, and about the people. A shaft of the heavenly brilliance strikes the dancer, and comprehension breaks through ecstasy into enlightenment, new eyes opening a new vision onto the patterns and rhythms of Creation. Exalted.

  • http://www.issendai.com/ I find this website useful and fun. If you click on 'Japan' and then 'Geisha Names' you'll get a list of actual geisha names, which can be useful for just grabbing for a character.


"Pupated"? You are awesome. (Nice to see someone else compulsive about spelling and typos ... I got a couple of yours here <grin>, but your NexusProject entry was the first one I've ever not felt the need to edit, so well done.)
~ Shataina

Thanks. *laugh* I thought I had missed a few things here, I typed this up pretty quick. And I've always thought puberty was much like changing from one sort of bug to another, quite different bug - at least, that's how it felt. *grin* -Okensha

^_^ Looking forward to what you come up with! -Suzume

Thanks! So far I don't understand the rules well enough to do crunchy bits (though I have some ideas - just can't figure out the mechanics yet). And hopefully soon I'll get to play the game. *hopes* -Okensha