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Something about me

Hello, fellow wikizens. As you might have guessed, this one here is my userpage.


Here is where my campaigns (which means all campaigns I ever was part of, either as player or storyteller) are listed. Some are put on hold; some will never be played at all, I think, but I thought I'd be a pity not to publish the material. So here they are:


Here go the Characters I invented for the games, I've run, as well as the characters of the players. Herein are also all thoughts on the characters or the character-based writings, I composed.




This is where all multimedia, pictures, maps and the like go


- Jiba/PrincesOfHeaven": my Dragonblooded-Campaign

- Jiba/Locations": Various Locations I invented for Creation

- Jiba/Multimedia": Maps, Pictures and the like

- Jiba/Wars of the Dead": my Solar-Campaign



Kein Problem, ihr English ist viel besser als meinen Deutsch! Kann man das Engel Arcana system auf English finden?

I also play E-Bass, but I am not pretty good yet.

Man sagt "I'm pretty good", aber "I'm not pretty good" geht nicht.

(wow, how many mistakes did I just make?)


It's "mein Deutsch", not "meinen Deutsch". And it's System, not system. But except of that, your german is fine. I think you should got to the Feder&Schwert Homepage and e-mail Oliver Graute or Oliver Hoffman. I'm sure, they will send it to you. If they do not; I'll send you the rules. Jiba