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Versions 1.0 +

Sorry, not THAT much here yet. Getting there.

SummonTech -- Some stuff on daemon based technology, free for all here
FlowsLikeBits/SummonMagmaServant -- Solar version of a Celestial Favorite
FLowsLikeBits/ScratchPad -- what it sounds like

FlowsLikeBits/DV1E - using 2E DV in First Edition

FlowsLikeBits/Clinches - Simplifying and disambiguating clinches

FlowsLikeBits/Beanklave -- I was drugged!

FlowsLikeBits/SpellTactics -- List of Spells

I've had alot of fun with TheNexusProject, being both relaxing AND useful.

This just occured to me:
Ubertwink Tip of the Day: 5 Direction Formations Protocal + Imbue Amalagam
Think about it: A self re-enforcing team of destruction. I call it the Tame Hunt!
It's not clear to me that Amalagams can be given protocols though...



Rules Stuff



And Some usefull rules discussions:

Discussions/FixThe2ESolarCharmTree - Wackyness in 2E charms

Hearth Stones

EarthLevelThree --- Dragons Bone Gem

Relay List

List of CrunchRelay Stuff I did, I indexed them here, so I could possibly add them to the apropriate sections, making them actually useful.


  • Theme: Reach for the Sky : • • (Eh, not that good, might not use)


  • Theme: Grief is the Weakness of Air


  • Theme: Sable Evocation of Image #6


  • Theme: Avoiding Unpleasantness : • ,••••

Here is the FlowsLikeBits/OldUnconqueredStone


  • Theme Dwellings  : Solar Circle (Within the outside world)

Odds And Ends

FlowsLikeBits/CoordnatedDefence - Charm without a home

Under Construction

SolarBrawl/FlowsLikeBits -- Brawl charms; Defence, some cliche related, some improv weapon stuff

FlowsLikeBits/HighEssence -- Musings on were powerful Exalts go.

FlowsLikeBits/CharmConstruction -- Thoughts on charm construction

ManseTech -- A type of multi-use hearthstone based technology, now mostly lost, WIP right now
HydraStyle/FlowsLikeBits -- Old MA, predecessor to many Terrestrial Styles

Remember to add the Solar Death Ray :) Inspired stuff, i.e. the magical and mundane cookers and rdf end.

Maybe-need this later? 23/04/05 not sure where else to put it.. for those of you who know what a MUSH is, someone has opened a exalted Mush. exaltedmush.net:9009 Using Telnet or a MUSH client. - Molikai

FlowsLikeBits/MoreCharms - Thoughs on breaking one charm per turn


FlowsLikeBits/CustomCharmAdvice - Will promo to discussion when I get done with it


Wiki stuff I like, and don't want to lose

Mnemosynis/HowToWin -- keep around so I know when to smack people


Hi there. I created a new Technology page and put your DemonTech on it, you can probably see why -- it was a bit specific for WikiContent. Also, please keep in mind that minor edits are useful because they keep your changes from crowding RecentChanges; as well, it's helpful if you summarize your changes in the Summary box. More at BestPractices. And welcome. :)
~ Shataina

GreenLantern, I moved your question to SpellRelay/Dwellings, where it seemed to make more sense. - FlowsLikeBits

Hello. I'm cleaning up Orphans for the UserFriendlyCategory project. In doing so, I notice that a couple of links on this page may not be what you had intended. For example, you link twice to a "fix the 2E solar charms" discussion, but neither link actually goes to a discussion page. The "speed fix" link seems similarly like you intended to create a subpage, but didn't. Mind if I clean them up? - Wordman

I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman