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Tomb of Shouting Gods

by Paladinltd

“You shall find only a thousand thousand years of torture here! Turn away, trespasser!”
- the first statue
“Your eyes will be pierced by a thousand red-hot pins! Your loins will be ripped from your body and cast into the void! Demons will consume your brains and shit them out!”
- the second statue
“No one likes you! You smell like cat piss! Your mother was a goat-herder! Go away!”
- the third statue

Standing near Parko Llana, in the middle of Cinnabar, is the First Age structure known as the Tomb of Shouting Gods. Like most tombs within Nexus, it houses a Solar Anathema’s corpse, laid there by the usurping Dragon-Blooded to appease their former master’s lower soul; and like all the tombs within the city, the Tomb of Shouting Gods is strictly off limits.

Three statues mark the perimeter of the safe limits of the tomb, and as long as no one penetrates the perimeter they are relatively benign. They are remarkable pieces of First Age sculpture, all depicting a large, solid man, his mouth open wide as if he were shouting. The first two are still intact, but the third, east-facing statue has taken quite a beating over the years - possibly from Manosque Pertha, a sorcerer who took his rage at losing his family out upon the statue nearly five hundred years ago. The resulting damage has produced strange behavior in the statue, to say the least. It still threatens trespassers, but instead of promising horrible deaths or years of torture, it (poorly) insults passersby, much to the distaste of the residents of Cinnabar.

The surrounding statues are harmless -- incapable of doing anything, despite their claims. The true power of the tomb is the statue resting atop it. Another First Age sculpture, it depicts an extremely beautiful and very petite woman who faces towards the rising sun. Whenever someone steps within the perimeter of the three statues, her mouth will open and a sharp note will be sounded. This sound is too much for a mortal frame, and any who hear it will have their head explode with the tremendous power surging through them. There are many corpses surrounding the tomb, proof of its lethality.


  • The central statue bears a disturbingly striking resemblance to Bethrel, a gorgeous prostitute who works in the The Red Cat.
  • Animals stay away from the tomb at all costs. If you listen, you’ll find that even the crickets are silent. No one seems to know why.


  • The tomb contains one of the Emissary’s secrets. If he hears even the slightest rumor of anyone attempting to penetrate it he will immediately come and obliterate the offender... if he isn’t already dead.


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