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I'm Paladinltd, A.K.A. Josh or as I am better known: pockets. Exalted was the first RPG I ever seriously got into and I have yet to be happier (I need a girlfriend sooo bad!)


Paladinltd/AdsonTamari - perhaps my favorite character I have made yet

  • Ragara Atara- Based on a tiny paragraph at the back of the AB: Fire
  • Atrias - My Answer to Bull of the North

Paladinltd/Atueng - the twinkified God-Blood

Paladinltd/CannithMorris - A great NPC

Paladinltd/CruellyEfficientInterrogater - My first Alchemical

Paladinltd/Exetus - One bad-ass mother-f^#&er

Paladinltd/TheGreenLady - in response to a friends version

Paladinltd/TepetJetrung - the Silent Sorcerer

Paladinltd/QueenoftheInfinitePipes - to prove that not only humans can be goth

Paladinltd/TepetReginal - an old NPC I took a shine to

Paladinltd/Rain - from a friends great idea

Paladinltd/Reim - a friends character

Paladinltd/Rekun - friends idea, my character

Paladinltd/Roland - My first actual character

Paladinltd/Scipio - One of the cooler guys I though up

Paladinltd/Tet - from Tiffa's challenge

Paladinltd/UkatheBoar - I drew him up for my first Campaign

Paladinltd/ValetDeCouer - another friends character

My stuff

Called Shots - just cause I always wanted to rip out a heart
Lucky and Unlucky - An idea I got from one of my players
Lunars Redux LTD - Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular
The Heptagram - Make all the Exalted: Harry Potter jokes you want, I still think its a cool idea.
The Deathlords - I might have over done it this time
The Malfeans - The true lords of the Underworld
Paladinltd's Houserules - obey me or die!
Paladinltd presents: The Art of Epic - for those of you who need to learn.
Paladinltd's Campaign Ideas


coming soon


MalfeasBreakoutTheories - An open project to come up with a theory on whats going on

Other Stuff


people you should visit

  • Seraph - For giving me hell for my ideas, for which I am eternally grateful


I do most sincerely apologize if I caused you any stress over those issues. You are not hated, and I hope you don't consider yourself flamed. I was mainly using your material as a way of illustrating a point to you and some other relative newcomers who perhaps haven't had time to notice the preferred organizational structure. Don't let it get you down or stop you from adding content. For what it's worth, your ideas seem interesting, and I'd love to look at them more closely, as well as see what else might be lurking in your head. Keep it up! ^_^ I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. -Suzume (P.S. You didn't have to take down your inspirations page, just move it to a more appropriate place in the wiki. From the glance that I got, it looks like a lot of your influences are similar to mine, and you also have a number of completely different ones. Go ahead and put it back up, I'd like to look at it! ^^ -S)

No worries. I actually should be thanking you for pointing out where I went wrong. Put my inspiration page back up and I hope to have more stuff up within the week - Paladinltd
Sweetness! ^^ Looking forward to it! -Suzume

Ok listen up all you fanboys and fangirls out there. Its time for me to lay some wisdom back down upon you. Unfortunatly, those that know me know that when I get an idea stuck in my head I either blurt it out without thinking it through or I sit and ponder it into oblivion, so instead I have set myself a time limit: I intend to have all the stuff filled above filled out by my birthday, July 23 (unless of course its already filled out in which case enjoy ^_^) - Paladinltd