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If Xarak were an Exalted character he would probably either be a Twilight Caste, a Wood Aspect, or the God of Procrastination. A student of the dark art of psychology, he hopes to one day write a book that will change the world, start his own religion, and make a momentous invention involving neural implants. Preferably these would all happen on the same day. So far he has had exactly 300 words published, which is a start. He once had dinner with a Nobel Laureate, then sent him a drunken e-mail about cocktails.

Pages I've corrupted by my touch:
Several leaves of TheNexusProject

Some thoughts on the nature of Exaltation: Xarak/Exaltation

Scratchpad: Xarak/Scratchpad

Hey, Xarak. Glad to have a new body onboard at the Wiki! 'owever, if I may be so blunt, please mark all lead-in pages (Like CelestialMartialArts, etc.) as Minor Edits - it cleans up RecentChanges and lets people get directly to the meat of your contribution.

And sign in under Preferences! IP addresses are the Yozi's playground! ~ BerserkSeraph

I've noticed that you make a consistant sort of spelling error in your posts, so here's a tip to remember: If a word ends with "y" (eg. activity, festivity, sky), when it's pluralised the "y" becomes "ies" (activities, festivities, skies), not "ys". -Okensha

Gaah! Thanks, I'll try and keep that in mind. -- Xarak

Also, your nose is tilted 2 degrees to far to the left. -MeiRen