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Note: I am currently on a bit of a hiatus from Exalted. This is ironic, since I have recently started a game of it - I'm still playing, but I no longer have time to post regularly on the wiki or on the White Wolf forums, thanks to a VERY busy summer semester. I expect to be back sooner or later, but until at least August 2005, you can expect to see very little of me in these parts.

I'm still something of a newbie to the Wiki, learning the ropes. I've played Exalted before, but not particularly much of it, to my chagrin. I own few books so far (despite being interested in the game for nearly two years now), but I possess a remarkable hodge-podge of trivia from bits of borrowed books that I've read and from spending waaaaay too much time reading the White Wolf forums.

So far, I haven't done much here. You can see my first true post on the ThaumaturgyRelay, though. I've also contributed to the FixTheSloppyEditing project, finding at least a considerable number of the errors in the Player's Guide chapter on Thaumaturgy. Unfortunately, I can't do much more than that, since I only have a few books with me at present.

Hmm... my "not much stuff" list is getting pretty long. Mental note: organize this page better soon.

Working on some stuff here:

House rules for the Dragon-Blooded Great Curse:

A few things that have given me ideas for roleplaying games, though not necessarily for Exalted:

Fun communal brainstorming projects:

I've also started posting on TheNexusProject. Maybe I'll direct-link to my pages some other time, but for now, you can just look me up in TheNexusProject/Index if you're interested in my work. Even if you're not, take a look around! There's some good material in there.

Started a (public) reference page here:

A bit of fluff/fiction written for Rhubardin's Leviathan Challenge on the White Wolf Forums:

The journal of Captain Zanete Raimonda of the Silver Lining.

And while I have nothing to do with establishing the page, QuotesofGoodness is friggin' hilarious.