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I was a player in Darzoni's campaign, Reflections, and currently play in Rynel's campaign, Exalted in Space. That's about it. More stuff will happen later. Probably. As I get ideas.

What I've done here:

The Nexus Project entries
Six Radiant Stars
The Lonely Mendicant's Tree
Winterlight Pawn Shoppe
Dead Beast Hill
Budi the Street Sage
Random Stuff
Wrathful Corpsebearer - An Abyssal who uses human bodies as weapons. time, an overactive imagination and...okay, there's no way I can not look disturbed after that last sentence. (Note to self. Update to 2e.)
Dead In The Water
Hulen zan-Gon - the character for Darzoni/CampaignsReflections.
Jeryl Kerton - the previous character's First Age incarnation, built with Darzoni's First Age rules.
Magnificent Arrow of Light (Mal) - the character for Rynel/ExaltedInSpace
Glass Mandala - a character on Exalted MUSH
Markendeya - a character in a Raksha game run by Darzoni
Under Construction
V'neef Garan - a character on Exalted MUSH