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Budi, The Street Sage

by Hulen

"...and then the great warrior Ragara Tynlos fought his sister, the Sorceror-sage Ragara Samaki, and it is said that a great fire erupted between the two Dynasts, as they battled..."
- Budi, telling a tale to children.
"He's a nice man, for one of the beggars. He's doing the Ragara party tonight, I think."
- a resident of Nexus

The streets of Nexus have many beggars, and all of them have their quirks.

Perhaps one of the strangest is the man known as the Street Sage, Budi. An old man, his teeth stained by drug use and his hair mostly gone, Budi has seen many things. He was around for the Great Nexus Fire, and many other great events of the city. Little fazes him any more, as he believes he has seen it all. He may be right.

A scholar by trade, Budi seems to never be able to find permanent work. His memory is immense, and it is said that he can recite thousand-stanza epics without pause for thought or aid of scrolls. Indeed, there are those who say that Budi cannot even read, that he knows all the works of the masters by heart. Though often hired as entertainment by either the more charitable or the crueller nobility of the city, none have ever offered a more permanent position. The more charitable just treat him as a guest, and the crueller have him recite many long epics without pause for breath.

Many have speculated as to where he got his knowledge - while never seen in either of the major public libraries of Nexus, he can recite most of their contents with relative ease. Speculations range from an impoverished child of a god to a mad savant to some insane Anathema. Budi himself says nothing to all this, being far too busy earning his next meal somewhere.


  • Budi is the son of the God of Books and Primates, and has inherited his father's knowledge of the city's lore, but he has no support because his father is far too busy to care for any of his children and has been for centuries.
  • Budi is actually a cover identity for an eccentric sage. He knows all of the books because he spends all his time in the libraries when he isn't being Budi.


  • Budi is neither the son of a god nor an eccentric sage nor, in fact, anything really all that supernatural. He was a scribe for the libraries once, but became cursed with bad luck after accidentally destroying a small but ancient book on sorcery. This bad luck prevents him from getting a permanent job. Ever. His memory is fairly easy to explain - he has an eidetic one, and can recall anything he has ever read or written.