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The Silent Requiem

by Jiba

"I swear, I have seen Oroku in this place -- just one week after his death!“
- Turachi Remal, local drunkard
”Welcome to the dust, my friend. Have a drink and experience some of the pleasures only death has to offer.“
- Cheerless Valediction, owner of the Silent Requiem, welcoming a new guest

Before becoming a brothel on The Avenue of Enigmatic Philosophy in the Bastion district, the so-called Silent Requiem was the residence of a merchant named Sapphire Excellence, who dealt in cosmetics and gained a lot of prestige and money; she was very adept in the art of business. However, there was one thing she was not able to achieve in her whole life: being loved. When she grew older, Sapphire Excellence, who had always ailed, finally became seriously ill, with no one except her slaves to care for her. Two years ago, the old woman died on a nebulous night... and soon, all the slaves who had served her died too, though it was not clear why and how. Sapphire's old residence remained empty, but shortly after her death, the old estate changed.

Now it is the Silent Requiem, a place where the dead and the living meet to make love to each other. The building itself looks a lot like the old residence of Sapphire, except for the barely noticeable chill around it and the paintings on the walls, showing pictures of various forms of death. The picture over the entry shows a black silhouette and a human hand trying to grasp it. The Silent Requiem is open from sunset to sunrise.

The main floor of the Silent Requiem is a round dark room lit only by red and violet candles. After being welcomed by Cheerless Valediction, the owner of the Silent Requiem, the customers can take a seat on comfortable chairs and lounges around ornate tables, where they can have a drink or some snacks. There is always music in the background -- old and forgotten songs -- though there seem to be no musicians to play or sing them. The second and third floor hold the various bedrooms, built from black stone and remniscent of a mausoleum in both structure and composition. Beds, coffins and even altars can be found in the bedrooms, and the customer can choose whether he wants his room to be heated or not. The rooms are lit by specially prepared lanterns, through which the light can be adjusted according to the customer's personal taste. Color, intensity and the potency of jitter are changeable; the customer can also put out all lights.

The Silent Requiem offers a wide spectrum of sexual comfort, from the obligatory rotten corpse to skilled ghostly courtesans, who grant the customer the cold touch of the unliving. The variety of dead people meets the personal taste of most of the customers. Cadavers are offered in various states of decay and ghosts of both genders come in a great width of ethnicities and agings. There are also special services for wealthier guests: massages, bathing with the dead, or a bizarre form of requiem, from which the brothel got its name. During this requiem, customers and courtesans are embalmed, wrapped up in shrouds, laid in a coffin and carried to a silent and completely empty room, where they open their figurative graves and do the things they want to do.

This creative and comfortable service gained Cheerless Valediction and her establishment a good reputation with the necrophiliac population of Nexus.


  • Some say that it is actually not Cheerless Valediction who owns the Silent Requiem, and that she is only a trustee. Sometimes there are voices in the air; doors open without being touched, and it seems that there is someone who knows what's going on in the brothel, but never shows up in the brothel.
  • Rumours circulate about a special service called the Grasp of the Unloving Clutch, which is only extended to regular patrons of the Silent Requiem. It is offered only by Cheerless Valediction herself and she only asks three times on three different visits. If the customer accepts the offer, he is taken to a hidden, locked room in the basement, where they can enjoy the ultimate pleasure. People who engage in the Grasp of the Unloving Clutch are never seen again.


Cheerless Valediction is the Ghost-Blooded daughter of Excellent Sapphire, who used her time in the Underworld to master certain Arcanoi that allowed her to make one of her former slaves pregnant. After Cheerless Valediction’s coming of age, Excellent Sapphire used her daughter to make her old residence the Silent Requiem, where she can feed upon the pleasure of the customers.


This is the first thing I've made up for the Nexus Project. Hope you like it, though I think, I have given to much information about it in the Rumours and the Secret. Got better ideas? Jiba

It's good. There's nothing like a cold girl on a warm night. (cf: Acid Reflux comic) -- JesseLowe

This is great. The only flaw is that you need a phantom link.
~ Shataina