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Me. I'm Drew Stevens, a student at Georgia Tech, and (gasp!) a member of a fraternity, Psi Upsilon. As are all my players- this may give some indincation that Psi U is not the normal frat. ;) I despised Exalted as just another power gamer's fantasy, until someone forced me to read Nobilis. After falling in love with Nobilis- the game where you play a God -I reevaluated Exalted. And have been hooked since :)

7-12-2004: A return to the Wiki. Dunno for how long or if in any sustained fashion; but I'm a bit bored at work, and want to get my page as a useful resource again. Also, in honor of hopefully being in a Dragonblooded game soon :)

I've moved a LOT of my stuff (my Charms, the Backburner) off this page, as it felt cluttered.

Also, thank you whomever took the time and energy to bring so much of my stuff into the new format. And to the wikizens in general, for proving me wrong in my worst fears. :)

4-28-2004: Woot, the Wiki Returns! Dave Rocks! Archively stuff is now being slowly undertaken! :)

Woo! Section for new, Houseruletastic Charms!



Other Neat Stuff

DS/MandateOfHeaven - Some new Actions for the Mandate of Heaven.
DariusSollumanLunarsRevised - Rebuilding the Lunars mechanics, almost from the ground up.
DariusSolluman/Questions - A place where I posit questions now and again.
PowerKombatCharacters - A collection of characters for use with Exalted: Power Kombat, which can be found over at RPOL. How far can YOU break the system? :)
DariusSolluman/ExaltedNobilis - Finally!
DariusSolluman/DetailedManseDesign - Some lunchtime thoughts of Manse Design
DariusSolluman/StorytellingExalted - Idle thoughts on converting Exalted to the Storytelling System
OriginOfArtifacts - Speculation on where Artifacts initally came from
DariusSolluman/IselsiHosil - A character for Nigel's hopefully upcoming Dragonblooded game. Not Elric, I swear. :)
ScarletManualOfUprightBearing - A study in friendship, loyalty and politics
Artifacts/WeaponsOfTheGods - A collection of Artifacts and the legends that surround them.
Discussions/Resources - A more refined take on the Resources system in Exalted.
DariusSolluman/MeritsAndFlaws - Because eventually I'll give in to the temptation and write more.
Locations/AThousandAndOneManses - A massive collection of Manses. Alright, not massive yet, but slowly growing...
Locations/MercenaryCompanies - Because Mercenary Companies are neat :)
DariusSolluman/FallenSidereal - A letter penned, seemingly, by a Sidereal alive in the World of Darkness; found in the limited edition Laws of Ascension

People Worth Listening To

While everyone on the Wiki has some nifty ideas, there's a few luminary names I long to see in the Recent Changes section, cause it usually means I will be rendered speechless with the coolosity.

FourWillowsWeeping - For the Infernals who would never*wink* show up in my games, and for starting the Lexicon and I believe the Taxonomy of Madness
Balthasar - For ExMod, and more charms than you can shake a stick at.
Ikselam - For Fluff that approaches Ms. Borgstorm's talent; this is the highest compliment I can render. He also started the Infernal kick, and maintains a very different take on them than Willows.
Epsilon - For Blood Dragons. Which I like lots :)
Dim - A good friend of mine, and also the primary chronicler of my current camapaign :)
ImportantLinks - A handy page for referencing commonly built stuff.

Useful Internal Links

TravelTimes - For how long it takes to get from Here to There. Tres handy :)
BookOfThreeCirclesErrata - Just what is says.
ArtifactCreationErrata - The current Artifact Creation Errata... which needs some revision itself.
MortalSorcery - I had utterly forgotten how cool this was until recently :)
Creatures/CelestialBureaucracyExplanations - An excellent explanation of how and why the Celestial Bureaucracy's breakdown impacts Creation.
TheMyriadOfShades/CharmTheory - An EXCELLENT examination of the underpinnings and assumptions of Charm Design in Exalted. Should be a must read for people that like Charm building and criteque.

Useful External Links

http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/ - Kate Monk's Onomastikon, the Great Book of Names. Names from every culture and climate that's drawn breath on Earth. Good stuff :)
http://www.dbserve.co.uk/test/names/gen3.php - Voidstate's Exalted Name Generator. It almost made me explode with the concentrated coolness when I first found it. ROCK ON!
http://www.alabrax.com/exalted/fanworks/combat_101.htm - Manilika's break down and examination of Exalted's combat system. Definitly a good idea to browse this now and again.
http://htk.whisperslip.nu/ - Oh my god. Such pretty Art, by one of the artists of Exalted. I was unaware of his work until recently- be enlightened!


DariusSollumanOldComments - Comments pre 7-12-2004

Hey, DS. I've been referring back to your work occasionally in my revision of Lunars - including pointing to your fixes for their Charms in some cases (like Stealth). If you have a problem with this, jes' drop me a line and I'll fix things up post haste. ~ BerserkSeraph

Tis cool :) Imitation and praise and all that :) DS

I just gota say that the Lunar chagnes look great, and I'm going to be testing them on some lunar npc's in my next game, looks like my Fav. exalts are back... [[[VectisMutlius]]