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Always the master of good intentions, I try to work on fleshing out more for the Wiki forum but darn it all if life doesn't get in the way. I will try to keep plugging away at this to make it happen.


  • Abyssals
    • I greet everyone with a warm embrace ... the sweet warming embrace of death. No need to speak, your expression is thanks enough.
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  • Deathlords
    • The composers of death's great symphony ... and as all artist, they died to become famous.
  • Dragon-Blooded
    • Peons and stepping stones of the First Age, now kicking ass and taking names ... but for how long?
  • Fair Folk
    • Reality is but an illusion ... an illusion I choose to fill your mind with.
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  • Lunars
    • Those fins, feathers and furry things of Creation.
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  • Sidereal
    • Masters of destiny and the stars ... yet too arrogant to see their own flaws.
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  • Solars
    • Gods of the First Age, now reduced to meager lifestyles.
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Additional Information

  • Armor
    • What's covering your wallet?
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  • Weapons
    • Things that go whacky-whack in the middle of the night.
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  • Artifacts
    • What separates you from the other Gods? Why it's your Bling Bling!
  • Hearthstones
    • Homegrown crystal straight from the farmer, don't get any fresher.
  • Charms
    • Is that your mojo rising?
  • Wonders
    • On your knees and praying? Here's a simple how to guide.
  • Citites
    • Major stops that are actually in your books, just adding a little color and answering those annoying questions that no Storyteller likes to here, i.e. "Where do they put their dead?" "Where does the human waste go?" "What is the main livestock here?"
  • Towns
    • Welcome, relax weary traveller. We shall tend to you and assure you complete satisfaction ... for a fee.
  • Guild
    • Welcome to my shop of curiousities, no you can't buy that here. But I know of some people who might be able to help you.
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  • Ships
    • Need passage? Air, sand, river or sea we can get you there.
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  • Mortals
    • The lower end of the food chain, but not without their own perks in Creation.
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  • Creatures
    • Look it followed me home. Can I keep it?
  • Legends
    • Stories to inspire and to incite fear. The legends all children grow up hearing and others that are read about in forgotten tomes.
  • Extras
    • Templates for character sheets and odd things that don't have a home yet.

Index for entire site.


Not much content on this page, but OMG what is there rock's the Casbah all nite long. Rock on guy. Oh, and ugh...Welcome to the wiki. - Issaru

Thanks, I have a lot of things I have been writing up I just need to get posted up here. I am trying to index a lot of things for myself and the players and I will post what I can as it comes along. -Buji