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Announcements, Declarations, and Cries for Help

ARIGHT. It seems that the people of the Freedom Stone's forums are not all that interested in an Alchemical game. HOWEVER, I still really want to run one. Like, really really. SO, anyone interested in playing an Alchemical in Autochthonia should click below and then e-mail/post/somehow show me a character sheet. I am thinking that it would be an online game (duh), probably hosted via WW unmod java chats, because I don't feel like installing crap on my computer and play-by-forum seems too slow. I am, however, totally open to changes in venue if requested. SO CLICK.

The Mother of Entropy

TheShinma: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Great, Silent Gods of the Primordial Wyld.

The Bedlamite Treading a Razor's Edge

Deepest Fall of Innocence

River Walker

Three Bloodless Shadows

The Dead Flag

Deathlord Prom -- Okay, this isn't finished, but I was inspired by DissolveGirl's story about the Five Maidens. I'll try to work in the humor, but I'm just trying to keep it serious for now. Ack, I'm just tired




Mega Challenge

My Malfeans, My Way

To Break Down Heaven's Door - My first campaign ever, featuring four players who have, heretofore, expressed undying hatred for the game of Exalted. They're also bad at coming up with names.

The Poet, O


In response to Okensa about the forbidden city map .. here is a link to the map http://www.chinavista.com/beijing/gugong/map.html -- Savare

I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman

Enshrined Comments

You rock. - Quendalon

Raksha Boy approves! And belated thanks for your comments and inspiration and stuff. -DarkheartOne