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The Avenue Of Enigmatic Philosophy

by BrilliantRain

"I just can't explain it ...."
- Black Lark's Song after investigating the local "problem"
"I love it!"
- Yukiko Kumoti, local resident
"I'm gonna hire a mercenary company to destroy your building if you won't BE QUIET!"
- Yume Sukuchi, local resident

There are many theories as to why it started, although no one really knows exactly what it is. It disturbs several of the other residents, although others are quite happy about it. But let me start at the beginning ....

The Avenue Of Enigmatic Philosophy is a cul-de-sac in one of the lower-class areas of Bastion. Its houses are large and its residents well-off and fairly content. That changed about six years ago with the death of Darkallee Krace and the creation of The Blue Crow. Most of the residents grumbled slightly at this, but, as the place is fairly tasteful and the houses are constructed so that music from one doesn't carry well to others, they put up with it. Some people think this is what started it.

About a year after the construction of The Blue Crow, a resident became fed up with living next door to a brothel and moved out. Some think it started here, others think it started later and this was simply due to the ex-resident's sense of irony. There is no argument that the lady who bought the house turned it into The Red Cat, a brothel by women, for women.

Everyone agrees that by the third sale later that year, creating The Golden Bull for those whose tastes ran towards cattle, whatever it is had definitely started. By the current year, one whole side of the cul-de-sac had been turned into brothels for those whose tastes run in any direction but the normal one. The residents generally refer to this phenomenon as it, and even the ones who frequent the various places find it odd that there should be such a cluster here. None of them can explain it, but there are many rumors ....

Brothels on the Avenue of Enigmatic Philosophy

Here is a list of the brothels on the avenue. It only covers the ones wikizens have written so far, obviously; feel free to write new ones. Note that there are many other brothels in TheNexusProject; this only lists the ones on this particular avenue.


  • "I believe that the God of Perversion must be behind this! How else could our nice community have been turned into ... a veritable den of iniquity!?"
  • "It must be something in the water supply. Some deviant spiked our water and attracted all these other deviants! Well, I won't have it! I buy my water from Shuna's Well and it is pure of that filth!"


  • What's the real reason, you ask? Well, you know how everyone says Chejop Kejak doesn't have a sense of humor ...?


Hmmmmm.... Lets see. Powerful being, check. Drugs, check. Prostitutes, check. Mercenaries, check. I should be getting an anti-point for this......

I love it! I'm not sure I'd lump cattlephilia with having an attraction to a particular sex of ones own species, but... Now I keep thinking of Pasiphae! oO -Okensha

The impression that I was going for was that for practically any deviant sexual behavior there is a brothel on this street. This includes more than just homosexuality. There are brothels on this street that provide for beastiality, necrophillia, S&M, etc. As to whyThe Golden Bull is just cattle, I wanted there to be just one place for each particular type of deviancy, but I was unsure if one place should cover all types of beastiality or if there should be several that each devote themselves to a particular animal. However, that is for whoever does the writeup onThe Golden Bull to decide (although, given the name, the owner might be a particularly warped Zenith....)
The Golden Bull sounds like it might be a front for Ahlat... -- JesseLowe
>_< Dammit, now I'm having ideas! I really don't need to write another brothel... -Okensha shoos away the minotaur
I hope you don't mind, BrilliantRain, that I added a new section, that lists up the borthels in this place. It is much easier to navigate I think and it is more comfortable to add a new, I think. --Jiba
Are you using "etablissements" to be ironic and French, or should we change that to "establishments"? -Okensha
The French Version. But we can change it to borthel. --Jiba
Okay, I was just wondering if it was deliberate. :) -Okensha
BTW, the spelling is "brothel" not "borthel." -- JesseLowe