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The Broken Mirror

by Issaru

"Hell no man, I'm not going in there! They say it's some kinda thing in the basement that eats souls or sumffin."
"Yeah but they got this too" (takes a hit, passes).
(coughing fit) "Ok man, but just for a bit"
-- A conversation from outside The Broken Mirror
--a phrase often repeated within The Broken Mirror
--Often the answer to the previous
"Oh..yeah, we sell Coffee too."
--Frequent statement of the Comfort Agents

Officially a Coffee shop the drug den known as The Broken Mirror, or as the proprietor Dreams Of Silence calls it "The Emporium of Dreams and Delights", sits in Cinnibar on a small forgotten corner of Crone's Street, and Cobblepaint Avenue that is strangely devoid of vagrants. It's exterior is an exquisitely...unremarkable brown brick building with squat windows and a plain wooden door. The only thing that even hints that the building is inhabited is the presesce of two large... make that very large guards, the identical twins Bronn and Kaharl. The interior of the building is a stark contrast to its drab exterior. Every wall is painted a different color without being gaudy. Incense can be smelled in every breath without cloying the senses. Small candles in multi-faceted cases light the rooms in a rainbow while providing just the right light. Large pillows line every wall colored to complement the room. The entire first floor is one room; the second floor consists of a large balcony, with six foot guard rails constucted of multi-colored Chirascuran glass topped with small crystals enchanted to give light. The basement is just a door composed of stones taken from Cobblepaint Avenue to everyone but the employees.

Upon entering, one is always greeted by one of Dreams of Silence's "Comfort Agents" (read: drug dealer) who will seat the customer and offer samples of various "candies". A popular suggestion is the house specialty Bliss.The Broken Mirror can provide a customers with almost any narcotic in Creation, all are of high (pardon the pun) quality, with competitive prices. The kitchens aren't to be missed either, the cook staff makes a mean sandwich.


  • Some people whisper that perhaps Dreams Of Silence is one of the Fair Folk, no one whispers this too loudly though....
  • There are rumors floating around about what lies on the other side of that wildly swirling basement door...maybe a portal to the spirit world... maybe monsters... who can say, but it is really pretty, isn't it?


  • The ambient Wyld energies of the area have imbued The Broken Mirror with Wyld essence that taints the drugs. This results in a more potent, pure high, and it's responsible for most of the repeat business there. The effect seems to be getting stronger, but no one's really complaining. Unfortunately this effect, and the constant altered states of those inside is causing the "Mirror" to degenerate into a pocket of the Wyld.


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