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Terrestrial level martial arts are the purview of the Dragon-Blooded. Although any Exalt may learn or create a Terrestrial Style at normal cost, many are elementally aligned, incurring a 1-mote cost-per-turn to emulate the elemental Essence of a style's Charm, and many take advantage of a Terrestrial's ability to use multiple Reflexive Charms in a turn. Though not as potent as Celestial styles, these martial arts may often be more efficient than their Celestial counterparts. There are generally believed to be thousands of Terrestrial styles, ephemeral as the leaves of a tree, here one generation and gone the next.

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Second Edition

Canon Styles

Crimson Pentacle Blade Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 63 (2e)
Even Blade Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 69 (2e)
Falling Blossom Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 43 (2e)
First Pulse Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 45 (2e)
Five-Dragon Style - canon style
Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded - Page 189 (2e)
Fivefold Shadow Hand Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 75 (2e)
Golden Exhalation Style - canon style
The Imperfect Lotus - Page 4 (2e)
Golden Janissary Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 48 (2e)
Ill Lily Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 51 (2e)
Jade Mountain Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 53 (2e)
Lightning Hoof Style - canon style
The Imperfect Lotus - Page 5 (2e)
Night Breeze Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 55 (2e)
Orgiastic Fugitive Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 57 (2e)
The Path of the Arbiter Style - canon style
The Imperfect Lotus - Page 7 (2e)
Seafaring Hero Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 59 (2e)
Terrestrial Hero Style - canon style
Manual of Exalted Power: Dragon-Blooded - Page 191 (2e), Considered native charms for Dragon-Bloods
Terrible Ascent-Driven Beast Style - canon style
The Imperfect Lotus - Page 7 (2e)
White Veil Style - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 61 (2e)

Fan-Made Styles

All-Consuming Dragon - by Zodiak
A terrifing, and effective martial art designed to keep your enemy alive.
Air Flow, Silver Mirror - by Raven Xanthus 
A martial arts style is based on the reflections of an elderly monk throughout his journey of life.
Autumnal Torrent - by Orphen
A style possessed by the Forest Witch in emulation of one of the Numina.
Behemoth Toppling - by Hoverpope
A 2E redesign of the 1E style of the same name.
Blossoming Cherry Tree - by Haku
A martial arts based on the elegant cherry tree, has quite a bit of stunt factor in it, style and power together in 2nd Ed flavour.
Dancing Humming Bird - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on "above the earth".
Desert Wind Dervish - by Orphen
A partial Terestrial style called "Desert Wind Dervish Style" which was created by a religious ascetic who never fully passed it on.
Divine She-wolf - by Haku
A martial arts style NOT meant to be used by immature players. It's focus is on a she-wolf in "all" her aspects.
Even Blade Style: The Fifth Variant - by IanPrice
An extrapolation of the fifth variant of the Even Blade Style, found in Scroll of the Monk. Also includes an extrapolation of what might be possible if all five variants were used in unison.
Fifteen Cyclic Elemental Styles - by IanPrice
A family of Terrestrial Martial Arts based on the elements and their correspondence to the months of the year used in Creation.
Fivefold Elemental Harmony - by Resplendence
a style for dynamic duo fighting, ultimately letting two fighters become one.
Harmonic Symphony - by FrivYeti
Emphasizing the harmony of music, this Martial Art is sometimes used by roving bands of musical martial artists.
Humble Fist of Ice Style - by BogMod
A terrestial style aspected to ice and air made by an Icewalker.
Indomitable Spirit Methodology - by Zodiak
A style that focuses on shields, and channeling your essence into them. Also introduces a new kind of shield.
Invincible Avalanche - by SpicyMcHaggis
A low-powered style about powerful attacks, destroying scenery, and toughness.
Malleable Earth Style - by DualMegami
A style based on the unity of Earth and Water. Also known as "mud Style".
Lecherous Devil - by DeathBySurfeit
The dark brother of Naughty Lotus.
Raging Boar - by JadeSerpent
A berzerker style that favours training-up powerful and resistant practitioners.
Scathing Sandstorm Style - by BogMod this style is a fast moving style for fighting many people.
Southern Maiden Style - by BogMod this style was designed for the Brides of Ahlat by a Chosen of Battles.
Slack and Hashed - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on "dull simplicity".
Terrestrial Hero - by Hapushet
A multi-element conversion of Terrestrial Brawl for Second Edition.
Titan Felling - by Panache
Small fighter takes down much larger opponent.
Turtle - by BurgerSlave
Uses armor, rather than weapons, to lead the artist to eventual enlightenment.
Twin Poisons and Jungle's Warning - by Orphen
Two Terestrial Yoyo styles called "Twin Poisons Style" and "Jungle's Warning Style" which vary at their cores but share external branches.
Verdant Solar Prism - by Orphen
A Style designed for Mortals and Dragon-Blooded to minimize their perceived weaknesses through a Solar lens.
Way of the Long Blade - by Orphen
A Terestrial style called "Way of the Long Blade Style" which seeks mastery of the long slashing sword known as the Nodachi.

First Edition

Crimson Pentacle Blade Style - canon style
Players' Guide - Page 239 (1e)
Falling Blossom Style - canon style
Cult of the Illuminated - Page 102 (1e)
Five-Dragon Style - canon style
Dragon-Blooded - Page 197 (1e)
Jade Mountain Style - canon style
Aspect Book: Earth - Page 75 (1e)
12 Deadly Fist - by Issaru
A Martial Art dedicated to defense and push techniques.
Ascending Air - by delor
A chilling Air-aspected martial art.
Audacious Dancer - by DeadManSeven
A flashy movement-oriented style centred around dance as a weapon.
Behemoth Toppling - by Ambisinister
A martial art that allows groups of weaker exalts to take on large and powerful foes.
Benevolent Songstress - by Eniko
An infernal and compassion/performance themed style based on warding against threats.
Black Rose - by Greymane
A shadowy Martial Art designed to sculpt a student into the perfect disposable assassin.
Blazing Phoenix - by Moxiane'
A Fire-aspected martial art that uses firewands and motion.
Blossoming Cherry Tree - by Haku
A martial arts based on the elegant cherry tree, has quite a bit of stunt factor in it, more style then ability.
Blizzard Fist - by Slim_Pick3ns
A martial art for a Northern cult
Brave Dragon - by Ikselam
An amusing but none-the-less viable style based on Dan's style in Street Fighter.
Burning Dragon - by Issaru
A fire aspected martial art created as a gift.
Clay Soldier - by Greymane
A heavily defensive martial art which draws it's strengths from a group dynamic.
Cloud Palm - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on "phantom-fist techniques".
Constricting Ivy - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on "grappling and flexibility".
Crimson Pentacle Blade (Revision) - by FourWillowsWeeping
A numerological reenvisioning.
Crystal - by BurgerSlave
Studied by the enigmatic Alchemical Exalted, this style works with the structure of things--and of living bodies.
Divine She-wolf - by Haku
A martial arts NOT meant to be used by immature players. It's focus is on a she-wolf in all her aspects.
Drunken Fist - by tobiastobias
An answer to all those inebriated martial artists asking for a defensive style.
Dusk at the Emerald Gallows - by LordAuran
A brutal style that mimics the fatal efficiency of the executioner (and an attempt to make grimcleavers viable).
Dragon Sentai - by BurgerSlave
Developed for the most elite Dragon-Blooded officers of Lookshy, Dragon Sentai Style Martial Arts makes heavy use of syngergistic-type charms.
Elusive Wind - by CrownedSun
a Terrestrial fighting Style that mimics the Southern Wind.
Ever Vigilant Soldier - by DeadManSeven
Samurai flavouring for your martial artist.
Falling Petal - by Wordman
A style for sacrificial common Fair Folk.
False Blade - by Telgar
Using the Essence-weapons of Solars, Abyssals and Terrestrials as a focus, this Style teaches control of unreal weaponry.
Five Glorious Banners - by Xarak
An unusual Martial Art based around fighting with mortal allies.
Four Monarchs - by Greymane and GoldenCat
Underworld style for Ghost-Knights emulating the Dual Monarchy that allows certain Charms to be connected without Combos.
Flowing Orb & Tempest - by Falcon
a Terrestrial style based on summoning a big globe of water and splashing your enemies to death with it.
Gateway - by Konpeito : Fighting based on the board game
Ghost Dragon - by Telgar
a Terrestrial Style designed for Shade Walkers and Ghost-Blooded.
Golden Psalm of Glory - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on "songs to the glory of the Unconquered Sun" and Dragon Kings.
Grass Spider - by tk421 on rpg.net
Terrestial Version of Grass Spider Martial Arts.
Humble Soldier - by JesseLowe
An unfinished style specifically for mortals
Interwoven Cypress Spirit - by MartialArtsRelay
Unfinished relay based on "raksha".
Iron Body - by DualMegami
Generic combat.
Incandescent Razor - by Quendalon
Fiery swiftness and grace.
Inward Coiling Dragon - by FiatVictrix and Moxiane
Deception and seduction in a triple-pinnacle style
Jade Duelist - by PoisonFish
A quick and fast rapier style favoring those who fight one on one with the grace of the wind behind them.
Jade Fan - by Mailanka
Also known as Silken Dragon Style; an elegant style with graceful movements.
Metal Dragon - by GoldenCat
Emulating the evolution of metal, a style that turns its adepts into living weapons.
Monochrome Diamond - by GoldenCat and Greymane
Underworld style that adapts prayer and worship into a weapon.
Reaper - by Josh Bain
A scythe-based style intended for the fan-designed Avenger Exalted.
Rebellious Demon - by bassist159
An evasive technique simmilar to Celestial Monkey.
Rippling Quicksilver - by Quendalon
A clinging, evasive style of great defensive utility.
Serpentine Coils - by MelWong
A clinch-based assassin's style.
Seven Leaping Dragons - by Quendalon
Raw aggressive power, for those enamored of mobility and strength.
Soaring Wind-Rider - by DeadManSeven
Take to the skies with this dragoon-inspired style.
Starlight Road - by Greymane
Walking the roads between the stars.
Steel Whirlwind - by BrassLeviathan
A barbarian style focused on the murderous charge of the berserker and his axe.
Stomping Ghost-Boot - by AmbroseCollector
A style with a quirky ghost and earthquake theme, some of which is usable only at night.
Stone Dragon - by Telgar
Consisting mostly of permanents, this Style uses the body as weapons and armor.
Thousand Dragon - by Haku
This style is for those mounted martial artist, like Lu Bu!
Thrashing Dragon - by FallenZero
A hard, agile style for dodging between the blows of many opponents.
Tide Dragon - by Telgar
Focused on flowing motions and defenses which redirect or divert a foe's attacks. Partially inspired by Waterbending.
Tranquil Scholar - by DeathBySurfeit
An air-aspected, defensive art focused on study and reading of opponents' movements.
Path of the Thundering Dragon - by JackT 
A Terrestial MA designed for Dragon Kings, which focuses on the power of the storm.
Unleashed Inferno - by DeadManSeven
A swift and brutal flame-arm style from the South.
Void Dragon - by Khallendross
A non-elemental style for dragon-blooded.
Whispering Dragon - by Mailanka
A bare-handed stealth- and hold-based style.
Worldly Harlot - by Haku
A clinch, holds and throws based style for ladies of negotiable affections.
Zephyr of the West - by DeadManSeven
A style for braving the waters of the Western Ocean, and for tossing your enemies into it.


fivefold elemental harmony is clearly 2nd edition, may be wise to double check some of the other styles put under first edition? -Enchantress

Yeah, good idea. I moved a few more to 2e. I checked the list until where Fivefold Elemental Harmony used to be. - Rafilar
Alright, I finished checking over the list & moved all the 2e styles into their own section. Rafilar