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These Styles are those which do not correspond to the three martial levels of canon, or are otherwise limited to a specific group, that rely on the Essence or innate powers of a specific Exalted type, such as Solar Melee Styles or exclusive Martial Arts, a tree requiring Lunar shapeshifting, or one which mortals might learn. Their power levels vary as much as the characters that might wield them.

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Second Edition

Stubborn Yak - Han'ya
A style focusing around sheer immovability and stoicism, designed for nobody in particular.
Five Stones Style - Jimcrimson
An MMA with the motto "Take 10 punches to deliver 1".
The_Style_of_Six_and_Twelve - Jimcrimson
An MMA with the motto "If you do the hitting then you wont get hit."
The Six King's Style - Raven Xanthus
A Mortal Martial Art with a focus on Specialization and becoming superhuman.
Sinanju - Raven Xanthus 
A style based on the lore of an old pulp fiction I used to love.

First Edition

Agile Monkey Frenzied Panther - by Toclmi
A Lunar-specific style with dual goals in mind.
Burning Phoenix Melee - by Thinker
A Solar-compatible melee style, dealing with damaging opponents.
Claw of the Rising Moon - by Issaru
Lunar Martial Art focusing on the destuction of Fair Folk and the Dead.
Central Harmony - by SolVachel
Trying to calibrate this one still, goes from pretty normal to more esoteric at the end, working on a sorcery tie in. WIP.
Eastern Predator - by Hapushet
A Dragon King Martial Art, designed to dovetail with the Shaping Wood Path.
Eternal Material - by Wordman
A style based on the five magical materials that runs from terrestrial to celestial.
Five Season - by demontongue
A style that can be used by mortal martial artists.
Fox Spirit - by Aphrodisiac Phobia
A mercurial and finesse-based Lunar-specific martial art.
Glorious Fan - by FifthChild
A Solar melee tree with agile, deadly strikes.
Harmonious Solar Warrior - by IsawaBrian
The transcendent power of the Dawn Lotus.
Heavens Fury - by Krule
A Solar-level style granting many actions and great damage.
Judicious Revenant - by AntiVehicleRocket
An Abyssal conversion of Righteous Devil Style, retaining most of its mechanical effects but focusing on a more Oblivion-related flavor.
Lions Pride - by Thinker
A Solar-level style that is viscious and commanding.
Logic is Death's Design Style - by Baelrog
An incomplete style.
Lunas Favored - by Pounce
A martial art tailored to the shapeshifting ability of the Lunars.
Mist On Still Water - by SMK and Fifth
A high-Essence Celestial style, focused on area effects and anima manipulation. And insubstantiality. Rather strange, and not really canon.
Northern Tempest - by Hapushet
A Dragon King Martial Art that works in combination with the Path of Clear Air.
Paean of Tumultuous Gears - by Arafelis
Alchemical Martial Art
Rock - by DariusSolluman
A Mortal -level Martial Art, unlocking hidden power at great cost.
Silent Crane - by SteelAngel
Non combat martial arts charms.
Singing Sword Spirit - by Falcon
A melee tree shaped and themed like a martial arts style. It's for Solars.
Southern Inferno - by Hapushet
A Dragon King Martial Art that synergizes with the Path of Flickering Fire.
Stomping Ghost-Boot Style - by AmbroseCollector
A style with a quirky ghost and earthquake theme, some of which is usable only at night and which requires Arcanoi to use during the day.
Sun Dragon - by Insanewizard
A Solar only style that consists of three individual Martial arts designed to be a vastly superior version of the Terrestrial Immaculate styles.
Terrestrial Sphere - by MartialArtsRelay
Relay based on the "way of mastery of the terrestrial sphere". It starts as a terrestrial style and becomes celestial.
Thousand Forged Dragon - by SolVachel
A conceptual Ma based off of the Thousand Forged Dragon. Warning, Hyperbolic.
Unconquered Sun - by Baltharzaar
A Solar-level style representing the Unconquered Sun's might.
Unconquered Sun Avatar - by Sebastion
A Solar-level art with high prerequisites.
Unification of Technique - by Insanewizard
A work in progress for a powerful Solar only MA that joins other MAs together.
Weeping Crane Melee - by Thinker
A melee style designed for compatibility with Solar melee
Western Torrent - by Hapushet
A clinch-based Dragon King Martial Art that draws heavily on the Path of Shimmering Water.
Mortal Martial Arts - by IanPrice
A set of limited charm-like abilities similar to Thaumaturgy for mortals who practice advanced martial arts.