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Good day folks, I'm around here mainly for Exalted projects and new ideas. I run Tales of the River Province, which is a MUSH based in Greyfalls and the rest of the River province. The MUSH's address is, port number is 9010. Other than that, I've been playing and Storytelling Exalted for five or six years now, and having tons of fun with it.

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The QuickStartGuide told me to put this here. You should put something here too. --BrassLeviathan

Why hullo thar! Welcome! BestPractices be friendly make awesome stuff blah blah blah. Also, be totally sweet. --RakshaBoy
Heh, thanks for the welcome. :) --BrassLeviathan

Welcome to the Wiki, Leviathan! --Kukla

Indeed, it's about time I got here :) --BrassLeviathan

Bonjour! It's nice to have you aboard! --MUrielw

Thanks, good to be aboard, your Infernal project is what brought me around. --BrassLeviathan

Before long we'll have ALL of the legendary creatures of Exalted in here. I wonder what happens then...
-- Darloth doesn't know you (I think) but greets you anyway

Thanks :) And, well, it's not a real coincidence both me and Kukla have the named of legendary creatures, I chose mine, back at the time, after his and some others' example. --BrassLeviathan

Custom Martial Arts Styles

I have a hobby of inventing and developing Exalted martial arts concepts into full cascades.
Here are the styles I managed to find the papers of, hopefully I'll manage to find more of the old styles I wrote in the future, or invent new ones. Your feedback is /most/ welcome, I really want opinions, especially on Golden Swordsman and Burnished Mirror, which are highly experimental.

  • Celestial Styles
    • Charging Rhino Style Based mainly on the single-mindedness destruction of a specific foe, and the resilience of the Rhino.
    • Golden Swordsman Style An experimental style, incorporating virtue prerequirements to create the perfect solar hero archetype.
    • Burnished Mirror Style Based on Reaction, prevention and warping of Reality, loosely similar to Pearl Courtesan Style.
    • Enlightened Dragon Style A celestial style loosely themed after the terrestrial Crimson Pentacle, sans cooperation and with more emphasis on the value of the single well-trained warrior.

(When you get the time, formatting those MA charms as specified in FormatStandards/CharmFormat might be a good idea, make it easier to read and fit in with the rest of the wiki better. Not essential, but the bolding of names and some headings always make it look nicer, imho)
-- Darloth

Thanks for the link, edited appropriately. --BrassLeviathan