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AKA Colapso, Delwyn, Daniel, 'That guy', Medic, Priest, Whitey, Sleepy...

Some people will say I am a creative romantic,
Some people will say I am a bloody-minded fanatic,
Some people will say I am a nice idealist,
Some people will say I am an explosive hermit,
Some people will say I am a monster,
Some people will say I am a fun pervert,
Some people will say I am a good friend,
Others, that I am a bad friend.

To a degree, maybe all of them are right ^^

Or maybe I am just a crazy 25 years old Brazilian, used to be an aspiring writer, now a History student, who has the urge to create stuff and loves Exalted to death! I live in the wonderful city, the paradise of beauty and chaos that is Rio de Janeiro... it's kinda like Nexus, but far prettier

The cat can usually be found at ICQ #93071127, or at the Gmal

Weird Dreams

  • A Dance of Angels - An insanely mixed Campaign set on the North, between the Bishop and the Lover, between the unforgiven sins of the Celestial's past and the impossible fight that is to keep anything from being at the present. A game that took a long time to get to the right place, but that now is a source of infinite joy to this cat! (Moved to Char's wiki, but part of it is still Here!)
  • Fated in Dark Stars - A Dragon-Blooded campaign I ran on Open. The first Exalted campaign I ever ran, and in many ways the spiritual predecessor to A Dance of Angels. about a group of Dynasts and their Sidereal who go to Varang after an attempted coup slays the royal couple, leaving an uncertain young girl in the control of a country that stirs to chaos. A very fun game, all told. I miss it.
  • Jade and Emerald - A God-Blooded and Dragon-Blooded game to relax I made on the East... it has now become a round-robin STing game, very different from its original incarnation, and hosted elsewhere. But ah well!
  • Little Silver Lie - A Lunar game whose primary purpose is to be a test for my 'Child of Shifting Moon', with a gathering of Lunars who end up drawn together by the possession of a book that is sought by many forces in heavens and hells, and the threat issued by one of those forces against all of them. In search for the book's truth, they travel Creation, fight all possible things and discover truths Man Was Not Meant to Know, and fighting to remain alive while bringing old, powerful secrets to light...
  • The Diamond Age - Amidst the Age of Sorrows, the lights return... and create a time of adventure, a time of madness! A time of lights that shine with the clarity of diamonds, a time for those who will do anything for what shines like them, even get them out of another's hands! For many that period will be an age of Obsidian or Ice... but for those in the East, in that wild time, it is a Diamond Age! A mixed game with high chargen, about high adventure and epic stakes in episodic installments, which encourages Player Characters to be off-the-wall and unique!


Silver Masks - My own take on the Lunars, focusing on Attributes, Totems, Multiple Forms, and their Celestial station.
Children of Light - A different way of playing the Godblooded.
Jadeborn Reforged - An attempt at making them fit my aesthetics.

My Many Masks - The Many Masks of the many-faced, many-named Cat!

Shiny Changes - Tweaks, tweaks. I'd use those for all games, then why not make it general? House rules and clarifications both!
Riddle of Essence - Some rules to make 'High Essence' sane and recapture the feel present on Exalted of old.
Legends - An attempt at institutionalized rules-breaking!

Five Great Alchemies! - Improving the Five Magical Materials and enhancing their use!
Abyssal Anima Powers - The Dark Mirror of Sol Invictus!
Dragon-Blooded Anima Powers - Subtle changes to Elemental Animas.
Sidereal Anima Powers - The second power of Sidereals - Astrological Ascendancy.
Infernal Anima Powers - The powers of all hell together.


Charm Count! Too damn many! Stopped counting around five hundred or so.

And I always accept comments! *Nods!*


Abyssal Brawl - Crushing Shadows.
Abyssal Melee - The Dark Mirrors of Sol Invictus.
Abyssal Thrown - To Kill With Flowers.

Abyssal Performance - Death-Songs.
Abyssal Presence - Tyrants need love too.
Abyssal Resistance - Hard as Onyx
Abyssal Survival - The River of Souls! Also, Familiars!

Abyssal Craft - Once more, with feeling!
Abyssal Lore - Terrifying Essence weapons.

Abyssal Dodge - Nightmare Defense.

Abyssal Ride - Pale Riders.
Abyssal Socialize - Corruption.


Solar Brawl - Golden kings of the iron fist!
Solar Melee - Unusual Tricks.

Solar Resistance - Strong and Resilient as Orichalcum!
Solar Performance - One-Third of Divine Excellence.
Solar Survival - The Sun's Best Friend!

Solar Lore - Metacharms!
Solar Medicine - Medicine Makers!
Solar Occult - Wonders of the Supernatural.

Solar Athletics - One-Third of Divine Excellence.

Solar Ride - Chaaaarrrrge!


I design Dragon-Blooded Charms with an eye to Elemental Control in a manner that fits the thematics of the Ability: My goal is to have a complete suite of control on each Aspect, following from the Air Aspect Charms, by far the best in the Dragon-Blooded hardback, where Linguistics is about communication in the air, Thrown is about using Air to fight (including creating 'hard air' armor). So Awareness involves perceiving the world through the Earth, Sail about controlling the waves and moving through them, Larceny about the mysterious, elusive aspects of the water, swallowing things whole and reflecting them, and Survival is about control and mastery of the Woodlands and Medicine about growth and substances.

Dragon-Blooded Lore - Home Field Advantage!
Dragon-Blooded Thrown - Air at its most violent!

Dragon-Blooded Awareness - Perfectly Aware.
Dragon-Blooded Craft - Builders of Mountains!
Dragon-Blooded Resistance - Earthly Combat!

Dragon-Blooded Athletics - Burning movement!
Dragon-Blooded Melee - Flamboyant swashbuckling combat!
Dragon-Blooded Presence - Bright Burning Presence!

Dragon-Blooded Brawl - Water as a weapon, and fluid combat.
Dragon-Blooded Bureaucracy - To control the order of fish.
Dragon-Blooded Investigation - Secrets of the water.
Dragon-Blooded Larceny - Water-based ninjas
Dragon-Blooded Sail - Lords of the Oceans!

Dragon-Blooded Medicine - Gardeners of the Exalted!
Dragon-Blooded Performance - Celebration of Life!
Dragon-Blooded Ride - Elemental Familiars!
Dragon-Blooded Survival - Lords of Forests!


Sorcery - My Spells! Because the world NEEDS more Spells!

Necromancy - This and that for Necromancers.

Martial Arts Initiations
To give color to non-standard practicioners of Martial Arts...
Brass Epitet of Existence - Infernal initiation that opens one's perception to the nature of the Yozi.
Moth Chases Every Flame - Initiation for light-chasing saints.
Shining Path - Underworld initiation that brings illumination through worship.
The Rose and the Grave Path - Underworld initiation that describes the relationship between life and death.

Martial Arts
Four Monarchs Style - Underworld style for Ghost-Knights emulating the Dual Monarchy that allows certain Charms to be connected without Combos.
Metal Dragon Style - Emulating the evolution of metal, a style that turns its adepts into living weapons.
Monochrome Diamond Style - Underworld style that adapts prayer and worship into a weapon.

Ambrosial Arsenal Style - Emulating Ambrosia and its capacity to form the panoply of the Heavens, it turns the adept into a living weapon.
Diamond Weave Style - An intense style that uses Fate and Destiny as a weapon.
Infinite Masks Style - Transcendent style emulating the endless caged Primordials.
Whispering Meadow Style - Samurai Style based on Laws and Flowers.
Righteous Devil Style - Burning Judge Martial Art loosely based on its canon counterpart.
Tiger Style - A complete overhaul of the second Martial Arts ever to exist.

Prismatic Arrangement Style - Turning the Martial Art about Martial Arts Celestial.
House of Endings Style - Some tweaks to willows's great style.
Inevitanble Fate of Iron Style - First Edition version of this relay Martial Art.


The Circle of the Shapeless Tower! - A little joke and gift to my friends ^^

Exalted Star Wars - A little project of mine...

My Favorites - It's what it says!


QuotesofGoodness - Do a favor for yourself and read this!
ExaltedSpam - Kraken's idea that made me laugh!
CSSWikiSheets - For different visuals!
ATaxonomyOfMadness - Yozis galore!
CelestialBureaucracy - Gods galore!
CrunchRelay - A treasure trove of goodness!
Unlimited Blade Works - Unlimited! Blade! Works!
WhenAutochthonDreams - Artifacts!

Izabella's Panoply - Made for Eni!


Links to pages of people who are way more creative than me! :

Charlequin - Is a genius. Great worker of charms, nice person, and able to create original and wondrous things. Has my admiration.
DarkheartOne - Shelby is as much a pervert as I am, and our perversions intersect in many fun places! He is someone I wish only the best to, and who plays such fun characters as the woundrous and fun Child of Wyld Days! Really lucky to have met him.
DarkSirenSally - Mieu has a great Irc channel, and a knack to beautiful, descriptive writings. She is plays healers with *feeling*!
FourWillowsWeeping - I disagree with half he says, I dislike him a third of the time, but the rest of it, he is a fun, fun person able to create the most *beautiful* imagery in Charms and Martial Arts. Just do not mention 'soak' , 'Lunars' and 'Mortals' around him!
Greymane - Is a genius. In many ways the best writer I know, able to create complex and original personalities and places with a bare figment of an idea, and write tons of pages about it in a blink. Pehaps my best friend those days, and someone I care for deeply.
JDuel100 - Social-addict plays fun characters with gigantic social numbers, and an equally great figure. Worries me a bunch, too! >.>
Kazuki - My other brother, the raven is like me, a protector by heart. He is a creative person of many, many talents, who does not give himself half the credit he deserves.
Kraken - One of my greatest friends those days, Skwid is someone who is always there to help me in this insanity that is my game life, one of my gurus, and someone who really knows how to lighten up and just have fun. A great, great person.
PassengerPigeon - Comes up with very interesting mechanics! and plays a great character and a fun game!
Selina - Milady of my heart is one of the best writers I know, able to pour so much emotion into something, to create writings suffused with it, with her coolness, able to switch between being scary and cute so fast... and to care and love for her creations in ways I can only hope to match one day. My muse.
SlipNine - Rin is someone I care for a whole lot, a child of chaos able to make me laugh and create wondrous creatures of chaos and shadows, with originality to awe all, and sarcasm that can make anyone snicker.

Morrigu - Demon girl is a force of creativity in many arts, who really should think better of herself and her work!
Raccoon - Slade is a fun person who popped up in Tower, and a good friend of Mieu. He is fun.
Seiraryu - Is a fun person, even if he comes from that horrible country! Made nice rules for things, along with cool and wordy bios, and someone I would really like to play with, even though we disagree on Lunars!
Telgar - A genius with the Dragon-Blooded, who made them with much wonder, creator of the only few Terrestrial Martial Arts that I see on the level of the canonical ones.
UncleChu - Very creative person, helped me greatly in his input on my Lunar Charms, and whose calendar - a very, very good calendar - helps me greatly in A Dance of Angels! ^_^

CrownedSun - Solar Creator Guy. Creativitive!
David. - Set out to make the longest MA ever! Nice guy, and likes ADoA :O
Haren - Abyssal Biochemist Lady. Lots of Underworld-y goodness. I still say she is a Daybreak!
Ikselam - Half the Hearthstones I have ever seen used come from him. He creates them very, very well.
Moxiane - Does wonders with artifacts, the best high-grade ones I have ever seen, nice MAs, and a great Elemental Bolt system!


Hey, Cat-san, fantastic work on the Lunars. I'm really impressed by your re-envisioning of the splat. Two questions... do you feel you're done, that you've covered all the charms that need to be covered? And two, what kind of playtesting have these charmsets undergone? I have no head for sizing up mechanics by looking, I only determine things are broken when my players turn my stories into smoking craters. Thanks! --UncleChu

Yay~! Thank you, thank you! And, well.... I am pretty much done, yes! I keep editing things, smaller things, as I am very indecisive, but overall, most of it is done(although I still intend to add one or two other charm cascades). I am going to playtest them now, actually... in Little Silver Lie *Points up!* Going to use them in A Dance of Angels, but that is too bizarre to count as actual playtest(it is a game that is mechanically... weird). But, being the people that I asked the help of while making it, I do not think there is anything there *broken*! - GoldenCat

I went through all your Lunars stuff and copied & pasted it all into Word... and have a 104 page document. Maybe the Lunars book didn't tickle your fancy because they had to cut out tons of stuff! In any case, its saved on the ol' HD if the Wiki ever vanishes. --UncleChu

... I WANT! You are certainly a more patient man than I... could you send? My e-mail is removed so scary web-spiders dont find your e-mail and dumpload all sorts of interesting e-mail about penis growth and loan consolidation --GoldenCat

Just a little note, 'cause I'm David., not Davidl. :) - David. (punctuation will conquer the world!)

... oh damn. I'll go fix it, if you haven't already! SorrySorrySorry, D! --GoldenCat

Hey GoldenCat! You still post around here? Its been awhile. Say, do you have the .doc file I e-mailed to you of your own Lunar work? I had a hard drive crash and lost it, and rather than saving it all again, i was wondering if you could hurl the .doc back at me. I can be reached at shmoo9 WHICH IS AT hotmail AND THEN A DOT com . Or just drop me a note at my user page, i'll be checking. --UncleChu

Done! -- GoldenCat

Heylo again, GoldenCat! I was just ducking in since I've been out of the Exalted loop for awhile (been working on a massive population headcount project of the supernatural denizens of the old World of Darkness). How goes the progress of the Lunar project? And does anyone play 1E anymore? --UncleChu

Hey, been awhile, Arius! And yep, lots and tots of progress. With Little Silver Lie working, and the Lunars on Dance of Angels, I have been able to work out lots of bugs(and boy, were they there ^^; The 'extra limbs' stuff still worked as an artifact of a bygone age, thus being horribly broken. I lowered the ceiling for Ascension's insane attributes a little bit, tweaked the Breeding a bit and made lots of name, balance and such changes)... and got to begin the work on the Chimera. Which I am mighty pleased with, so far!

And as for 1e... yes! 2e's mostly retreading the ground so far. We'll have to wait a few years to get shiny Sidereals. 1e has stuff like SI and Children of the Shifting Moon and all Exalted types and suchlike! That, and 2e fluff / style leaves me, and lots of people I know just... cold. I am in lots and lots of 1e games, and I don't see any of them converting anytime soon. 2e has some good fixes, like DV and ticks and the social combat system... but it has just as many bugs, if not more(and so the same patching work, and we're ahead on 1e, at least. Also, the Charms... just aren't the same)... so, far as I have seen, it fails before 1e.... so, again, yes~! -- GoldenCat
Wow, excellent, glad to hear it. Definitely send me a note when you feel its at a good stable place and needs another archiving, I'd be happy to help you out on such a tedious chore. I never got a chance to use the last archive I made of it, and may not for a long time. We'll have to see. But really excited to hear that 1E is still going strong. That was the sense I got about it... any new game's gonna be broken, and 1E's already got so many great fixes. Interesting that the new charms aren't up to snuff, as I understood it they were expanded a great deal and made a lot more usable. Though I did notice the generic 3 charms did seem to take some sparkle away. In any case, glad you're well. --UncleChu

Saudações! Quem diria que o primeiro comentário na minha página seria de um brasileiro. heheh. --Nabeshin

.. boa ideia. Por que eu escrevi em inglês? Acho que foi por força do habito... nunca escrevo no Wiki, nunca escrevo nada de RPG em português... meio destreinado nisso. Mas, saudações ^_^ Bom ver gente da pátria curtindo brilhar e explodir coisas em Exalted! -- GoldenCat

I notice that the majority of the orphaned pages that start with G are yours. If you get a chance, the UserFriendlyCategories effort would much appriciate it if you added links to your pages in the various "category" pages. - Wordman

Actually, the vast majority of those are logs and parts of A Dance of Angels that did get orphaned when I cut off that game from this wiki(the people who said they'd help me put the logs up refused to use it), I was going to delete them, but there were too many, and I am pretty sure that Kraken and Xyphoid made it so the program that copied them all couldn't just delete them. So I am probably not going through them until I have a looooooooot of patience on my hands. And that is a LOT.

BUT, I see that Sarawasti, Legends, and a couple characters aren't there, so I'll work them in *Nods* ~ GoldenCat
That being the case, could you please take a sec to join the conversation I just started on UserFriendlyCategories about how to handle the Dance of Angels pages? - Wordman

I notice that one of your favorites (GoldenCat/MagicalMaterials) leads to a page with nothing on it. Thought you might want to correct that before the next Favorites update (20 Mar). - Wordman

Ah, yes, it HAD changed to FiveGreatAlchemies :O Right, right, thanks.

Hey GoldenCat, I love your Necromancy. Thank you so much for sharing. If you're feeling extra creative, maybe you'd like to get some of our Relays rolling again? The fluff and crunchrelays are still asleep. =) Paincake