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Well, here I am. Several years after jumping into Exalted, and I'm finally contributing to the community instead of being a D.O.M. Or, atleast I will be once one of my projects is complete enough to put up here.

Just a bit about myself, I'm a Canadian, born in Ottawa, and have been playing Exalted off and on since just before the Storyteller's Companion was released. I love Ranma 1/2 and enjoy many other anime, play video games and a few other RPG, and study kung-fu. Prior online involvements include the Ranma1/2 Battlearena and Hermes72.net

I'll have to check to see if my GF has actually put up her user page, she actually finished a charm tree for Glider use (A Ride Tree for something other than horses!) and it should be hosted on the Wiki!

I know that Martial arts has been argued back and forth, and I have to admit I have strong views about them and have found some very insightful things here and at the old Compendium... Some friends of mine remarked that Ranma was an excellent anime for an idea about power level of starting characters (My guess was they were commenting from mid-2nd or 3rd season perspective) and it occurred to me just recently that they didn't know how right they are! In Ranma there was a martial arts school for EVERYTHING (Martial arts tea ceremony, Martial arts figure skating, Martial arts calligraphy, Martial arts eating...)

Maybe the G.Man is a closet Ranma fan?

Mechanics: Rice and Meat

So, the mechanical stuff I have done to-date.

  • Raging Boar Style is a fighting style developed long ago by a south-eastern jungle war god.
  • DragonbloodedCharms/StC Style Terrestrials Storyteller's Companion-style Terrestrials! I just did a brain dump into the Wiki and discovered that it has lost all the formatting; follow link at own risk!
  • FixTheSolarCharmTrees There are a few contributions there from my twisted mind.
  • StrangeSolarTricks Weird things to do with your charms.
  • Alternate5MMEffect A friend of mine has given me permission to post his thoughts on the 5 Magical Materials. I too have added an interpretation of how the 5MM's should be reworked.

Luna's Silver Filigree a V-Thong of moonsilver that will flow beyond the ability of normal fabric to contain the wearer -- Transforms botches into a simple failure. For normal play it qualifies as a Moonsilver Chainshirt... Artifact 1 for Exalted Beach Volleyball

Colour Text: Sauce and Spices

Fluffy colour stuff here!

  • The tale of Fern (my second character is being reborn in my second opportunity to play him... I'm thinking of doing a journal-style or prose account of how the campaign progresses -- not an actual journal since Fern's an illiterate 'barbarian')
  • The Brass Redoubt A manse that I came up with for a project circle, deep in the southern deserts! --NOW AVAILABLE--

Cool People

  • ArndisAsgeirsdattir My partner in crime! She's allowed me to drag her into role-playing games and has been rather enthralled with the richness of Exalted's setting!
  • Ikselam You have the coolest Virtue flaws! My second character had to be retro-fitted with Imprudent Infatuation cause it's so him!
  • FrivYeti The Lion is really friggin scary and your 5 Vs 1 combat really bring home how weak our first game's circle was (despite having played them continuously for over 3 years, we would've been dog meat!