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Unspecified Time Period Objects

Quote of... GM: "It seems to me that Creation is entirely based on peoples subjective beliefs that its there. Thats why when so many people died, creation got smaller." Me: "Still not getting it..." GM: "... if everyone believed they could walk on water, or fly through the air, in Creation it would be possible. Only because everyone believes it. Its like the regular people of the world go up to existance and say 'All of us are telling you how it is.' and existance, not wanting to be beat up by everyone does as its told. Get it?" Me: "So... its like... The Matrix?" GM, frusterated by the not only overly simple, but mostly inaccurate comparison: "Yes, its kinda like the Matrix." Me: "Cool! I know my charact" GM interrupting: "NO you can NOT be Neo!"

Character Desire of...: Master of the Indomitable Spirit Methodology, quietly walking through creation just trying to get by.


Hey there everyone. Zodiak here, letting you all take a look at a few ideas I've had now and then for this wonderful thing that they call Exalted. Feel free to stop by and say hello, cause you know I will.

For my first couple contributions I have a couple Terrestrial martial arts. Guess I'm not quite ready to amp myself up to a solar just yet. Oh well, with time comes experience. In the works I've got a few ideas running around for some Alchemical things which need some good talking abouts.

Lets see. Back in 1E I played (and loved to iddie-biddie-pices) Alchemicals, especially my character "The Relentless Seeker." I'll post ol' seeker up here at some point. Currently (aka: 2e), I'm trying my hand at Terresterials, namely a fire-aspected swordswoman "Nellins Ceras Corska" Her claims to fame have been her Legendery Breeding, and being the only Exatlation of Nellins the year she Exalted, and she 'finished' the Even Blade Style. I'll get her posted on here once I get my grubby lil fingers on her character sheet. =)

Just seems I'm gunna avoid playing a proper solar for as long as I can, cause I have every intention of playing an Abyssal next. I would have done one first, by Robots trump Bishounen dead guys (however, by only a razor thin margin). After that, my friend Scott wants me to try out being a Lunar. So I'll give that a shot too.


MartialArts/IndomitableSpirit A defensive style with a few hard-hitting attacks. This art focuses on the use of Shields, and channeling your Essence into them. A few fun object manipultions as well. Has Milestones!
MartialArts/AllConsumingDragon A dark and deceptive style, made to punish your enemies (and keep them alive). Focuses on intimidation, and big scary weapons.


IanPrice Great guy, always helpful. Descriptive Stunter, excellent friend. (its cause of him I have a dot in Allies in real life!)


4/06/07: Updated the log, quote, and some informations. No new conributions.
4/02/07: Added my latest and so far favorite new Martial Art, Indomitable Spirit Methodology. Please check it out!!
3/31/07: Created Profile, and added All-Consuming Dragon Form to my contributions.

Quote Log

Excellence is Achieved when the twin challenges of Efficiency and Accuracy are met.

Hey everyone. Would you be so kind, as to look over my Martial Arts and give opinions please?


Aww, thanks for the compliment. =) - IanPrice

Hey Zodiak, I'd be glad to email you about whatever, but I need an address to contact. - ArabianNinja