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People have been informing me lately that I'm 27 apparently. I am working on continuing my education and getting a new job I have a masters in Philosophy and an undergrad in English and Philosophy. I've been gaming for around 19 years and started out with D&D, from there I've expanded ever outward. Exalted is rather obviously my favorite game and has been since shortly after it came out.

I have been storytelling a long running game of exalted for almost 7 years now and play in a game of equal length. Both games are set in a shared world and we have built up quite the mythology of stories and characters for ourselves.

I decided to start adding to the wiki after lurking for so long and despite a continuing lack of motivation to write stuff up I occasionally post new things.

Having a somewhat short attention span I don't update all that often but check back periodically as I haven't stopped, I've just probably been distracted by something else shiny for the moment.



Martial Arts

  • Crimson Talon of Horrors Style : Put together by BronzeTiger, myself and another player.
  • Elder Ebon Shadow Style 2 : Revised, revisited and reworked by myself and another player from Thinker's original.
  • Primordial Tiger Style : Revised, revisited and largely reworked from Thinker's original. Could be considered my interpretation of a similar idea.
  • Verdant Solar Prism Style : This is a Terrestrial style designed by a Solar for Dragon-Blooded and Mortals with his strengths in mind.
  • Glorious Phoenix Eternal Style : A High Essence Celestial style "Yet Another Phoenix Style" In all seriousness look how many there already are...it's insane.
  • Coming At Some Point : A Celestial style as of yet unnamed which emulates the Ice Drake or the Zephyr and enduring eternity. This is the sister style to Glorious Phoenix Eternal.
  • Bitter Forest Savage Style : A Celestial style which emulates the animal viciousness and mysticism of the wildlings, specifically those of the great northeastern forests.
  • Black Claw Style : A Celestial style called "Black Claw Style" which emulates the sultriness and lethality of the common cat with a shadow bent. The style's primary practioner is the Demon Mara.
  • Autumnal Torrent Style : A Terestrial style called "Autumnal Torrent Style" which seeks to emulate the Autumnal Torrent, bringing its practitioners closer to the numina.
  • Way of the Long Blade Style : A Terestrial style called "Way of the Long Blade Style" which seeks mastery of the long slashing sword known as the Nodachi.
  • Twin Poisons and Jungle's Warning Style : Two Terestrial styles called "Twin Poisons Style" and "Jungle's Warning Style" which vary at their cores but share external branches.
  • Desert Wind Dervish Style : A partial Terestrial style called "Desert Wind Dervish Style" which was created by a religious ascetic who never fully passed it on. Scroll of the Monk comments on styles which their creator died or refused to teach the entire style, I thought the idea was neat flavour.
  • Great Bear Style : A High End Celestial Style which emulates the bear and holds a rivalry with the three schools of Monkey.
  • Dark Hunter Style : A Celestial Style which extends Tiger in a particular direction, attempting to emulate the jungle hunter.
  • Orphen/Combatants - Numerous Martial Arts Combatants of various persuasions for your tournaments.


House Rules


  • BronzeTiger : Runs the other portion of our shared world and plays several characters in it.
  • Madoka : Good friend and a loud mouth, not very active on the wiki but plays in our world.
  • Sobriquet : Runs occasional forays into our joint world and plays quite a bit.