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People have been informing me lately that I'm 27 apparently. I am working on continuing my education and getting a new job I have a masters in Philosophy and an undergrad in English and Philosophy. I've been gaming for around 19 years and started out with D&D, from there I've expanded ever outward. Exalted is rather obviously my favorite game and has been since shortly after it came out.

I have been storytelling a long running game of exalted for almost 7 years now and play in a game of equal length. Both games are set in a shared world and we have built up quite the mythology of stories and characters for ourselves.

I decided to start adding to the wiki after lurking for so long and despite a continuing lack of motivation to write stuff up I occasionally post new things.

Having a somewhat short attention span I don't update all that often but check back periodically as I haven't stopped, I've just probably been distracted by something else shiny for the moment.



Martial Arts

  • Crimson Talon of Horrors Style : Put together by BronzeTiger, myself and another player.
  • Elder Ebon Shadow Style 2 : Revised, revisited and reworked by myself and another player from Thinker's original.
  • Primordial Tiger Style : Revised, revisited and largely reworked from Thinker's original. Could be considered my interpretation of a similar idea.
  • Verdant Solar Prism Style : This is a Terrestrial style designed by a Solar for Dragon-Blooded and Mortals with his strengths in mind.
  • Glorious Phoenix Eternal Style : A High Essence Celestial style "Yet Another Phoenix Style" In all seriousness look how many there already are...it's insane.
  • Coming At Some Point : A Celestial style as of yet unnamed which emulates the Ice Drake or the Zephyr and enduring eternity. This is the sister style to Glorious Phoenix Eternal.
  • Bitter Forest Savage Style : A Celestial style which emulates the animal viciousness and mysticism of the wildlings, specifically those of the great northeastern forests.
  • Black Claw Style : A Celestial style called "Black Claw Style" which emulates the sultriness and lethality of the common cat with a shadow bent. The style's primary practioner is the Demon Mara.
  • Autumnal Torrent Style : A Terestrial style called "Autumnal Torrent Style" which seeks to emulate the Autumnal Torrent, bringing its practitioners closer to the numina.
  • Way of the Long Blade Style : A Terestrial style called "Way of the Long Blade Style" which seeks mastery of the long slashing sword known as the Nodachi.
  • Twin Poisons and Jungle's Warning Style : Two Terestrial styles called "Twin Poisons Style" and "Jungle's Warning Style" which vary at their cores but share external branches.
  • Desert Wind Dervish Style : A partial Terestrial style called "Desert Wind Dervish Style" which was created by a religious ascetic who never fully passed it on. Scroll of the Monk comments on styles which their creator died or refused to teach the entire style, I thought the idea was neat flavour.
  • Great Bear Style : A High End Celestial Style which emulates the bear and holds a rivalry with the three schools of Monkey.
  • Dark Hunter Style : A Celestial Style which extends Tiger in a particular direction, attempting to emulate the jungle hunter.
  • Orphen/Combatants - Numerous Martial Arts Combatants of various persuasions for your tournaments.


House Rules


  • BronzeTiger : Runs the other portion of our shared world and plays several characters in it.
  • Madoka : Good friend and a loud mouth, not very active on the wiki but plays in our world.
  • Sobriquet : Runs occasional forays into our joint world and plays quite a bit.


So can I like, Discord or Email or Google Docs you some Martial Arts I have been sitting on? I wanted to have my own board and people doing comments and be all proper but this place is terrifying and overwhelming and so that dream is now in smoke like it was a Corpse, and a Zenith used it's Anima on it.