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Blossoming Cherry Tree Style [2nd Edition Variant]
Terresterial Style

This style calls upon the strength of the cherry tree as well as the fluidity of the free-flying blossoms that come from it. This particular first age style is said to have been part of the inspiration of the Immaculate Wood Dragon Style. This style sees some usage by Dragonblooded duelists from both the Realm and Threshold.

Weapons and Armour : Straight swords and staves are considered signature weapons by the practioneers of Blossoming Cherry Tree Style, and are treated as unarmed when using them. Their artifact variants have the same benefit; Daiklaves and serpent-sting staffs as well as other staff-based artifact weapons. The style is compatiable with armour.

Complimentary Abilities : The sifu and dojos that teach this style also teach conventional swordsmanship to suppliment the style's special techniques. To learn this style, a martial artist must possess two dots of melee, at a minimum.

Click Here to see the charm tree diagram. It makes some sense of what I was going for. I hope. Even if it's a poor jpeg image. ^_^;


Gripping Roots Stance
Cost : 1 mote per die
Type : Reflexive (step 1)
Keywords : Combo-Basic
Duration : Variable
Minimums : Martial Arts 2, Essence 2
Requires : None
Calling on the strength of a deeply rooted tree, the martial artist digs in and applies her strength in a manner like that of a tree resisting the strong wind.

Until her next action (typically 5 ticks later), the martial artist's strength is fortified by the essence flowing in her, at a cost of 1 mote per die added to her strength.

Due to the nature of the immobility of the character, all attempts for this character to use her dodge DV requires a stunt or appropiate magics (charms, hearthstones, spells) to do so. The martial artist also can NOT move more then 1 yard away from her original position, doing so terminates this charm.

Locking Roots Grasp
Cost : 3 motes
Type : Simple
Keywords : None
Duration : Variable
Minimums : Martial Arts 3, Essence 2
Requires : None
With this charm, the martial artist grasps her opponent like a well planted tree that locks their roots into the earth and more than capable of crushing stones. The grasp of the martial artist is like that of a tree's roots and just as hard to break or escape from.

The martial artist does a grapple attack that is resolved as normal. All damage resulting from the clinch while this charm is active becomes lethal instead of bashing. The martial artist may maintain the charm as long as she wishes, gaining the damage enhancement to her maintained clinch as well as an additional bonus of 2 die to any rolls needed to maintain the clinch.

The martial artist may disguise this attack as deadly handshakes or grips of a more... friendly and intimate nature. After all, most people won't expect a lethal attack disguised as a greeting or sexual endervours.

Blossoming Cherry Tree Form
Cost : 5 motes
Type : Simple
Keywords : Form charm
Duration : Scene
Minimums : Martial Arts 3, Essence 3
Requires : Gripping Roots Stance, Locking Roots Grasp
The martial artist does a slow and smooth kata that resembles a tree growing into its maturity with hands and weapon(s) held high. As the kata is performed, the character sents life reinforcing essence through her body, granting her body the resilience of a cherry tree hardened by years of surviving all that nature has to throw at it. As a side effect of this charm, the martial artist has the sweet scent of cherry blossoms around her when this charm is in effect.

When this charm is in effect, the character gains a bonus to his bashing soak equal to her martial arts. This protective effect is akin to the protective bark of a tree, the core of the tree is also just as hard if not harder; the martial artist can now soak lethal damage with her bashing soak.

Due to the fact that her body is now hard as wood layered with bark, all of the martial artist's unarmed attacks do lethal damage. The martial artist can also parry lethal attacks without a weapon.

The martial artist may not employ more than one form charm at any given time.

Falling Blossoms Defense
Cost : 3 motes
Type : Reflexive (Step 2)
Keywords : Combo-okay, Obvious
Duration : Instant
Minimums : Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
Requires : Blossoming Cherry Tree Form
In autumn, the cherry tree grows a crown of gloriously beautiful blossoms. However, it is their fate to fall after blooming and when they fall, it can be like a blizzard with pink and white petals everywhere. Thus is the cherry tree hidden from the world.

Upon activating this charm, the martial artist gains a shield bonus to her DV equal to (her essence). The charm actually creates a whirling storm of cherry blossoms around the martial artist forged of essence that fade away after an instance.

Winds carries the Blossom
Cost : 5 motes
Type : Simple (Speed 5)
Keywords : Combo-okay
Duration : Scene
Minimums : Martial Arts 4, Essence 3
Requires : Blossoming Cherry Tree Form
The chilly winds of autumn can carry a cherry blossom for some time and distance. So it is that a martial artist with the power of essence can move as if blown about by a great wind.

Until the end of this charm, the martial artist may move up to her full dashing distance in any given tick without any penalty as if making a normal miscellaneous movement.

However, she can not stop moving or the charm will be terminated. The minimum amount of distance the martial artist has to keep moving each tick is equal to her dexterity in yards.

This charm does not provide any bonus to attacks or defenses beyond increasing the movement capability of the martial artist.

Fallen Blossoms trapped in Stormwinds
Cost : 1 willpower and 4 motes
Type : Simple
Keywords : Combo-okay, Obvious
Duration : Instant
Minimums : Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
Requires : Winds carries the Blossom
When a strong storm wind blows, the multitude of cherry blossoms caught in it can blind even the most observent being. A blinded opponent is often helpless against a strike he can not see coming.

Slashing her weapon, or gesturing with a hand, the martial artist creates a gale of cherry blossom out of essence that races from the martial artist to her target. She then moves, fast enough that an after image is left behind where she had been, and reappears behind her target...

The martial artist rolls (dexterity + martial arts) die to surprise her target. The roll is resisted with a reflexive (Wits + awareness) roll with a -1 internal penalty for being blinded temporarily.

As per the unexpected attacks rule on page 155 of the 2nd edition core book, if the target wins the contested roll, he may defend as normal. If the martial artist wins, the target's DV (for parry and dodge) drops to 0 from the unexpected attack. The target now has to rely on passive defenses (such as shields and cover), or magical defenses that work against surprises (such as Surprise Anticipation Method).

For the charm to work, the target can not be further away from the martial artist than (her full dash) distance. The target must also be at least 5 yards away from the martial artist for the charm to work.

Autumn Festival of Falling Blossoms
Cost : 1 willpower and 3 motes
Type : Supplemental
Keywords : Combo-okay
Duration : Instant
Minimums : Martial Arts 5, Essence 4
Requires : Falling Blossoms Defense, Fallen Blossoms trapped in Stormwinds
Warriors are like cherry blossoms, meant to bloom gloriously... but only for a short time until their season passes. However, for the weak, that season passes much faster. For the weak, there is no glory to be had, falling before their time. This charm helps reveal that particular truth to all who opposes the martial artist.

The martial artist practices this charm, sipping chilled sake from a saucer, while seated beneath a cherry tree in full bloom. The first blossom of pink and white to fall before him splits in two while only the click of his sword being resheathed could be heard. No motion from him to betray that he has moved beyond sipping at his sake.

The charm allows the martial artist to make a strike of such speed and precision that there is no denying it, or in some cases seeing it.

Upon activating the charm, the target's DV is considered to be 0 by the martial artist. Any effect, activated or used prior to step 2 of the combat resolution, that could raise the target's DV above 0 is negated for the purpose of this attack.

The martial artist must still make a successful attack roll to hit the target, despite the target having a DV of 0. This charm does not grant absolute certainty in hitting the target.

This charm does not prevent the target from activating new defensive charms at step 2 of the combat resolution. Using charms at step 2, the DV of the target can be raised from 0, fully restored or even raised above what it was.

There, this martial arts tree is now converted and ready for any and all comments. Please use the space below for any and all C&C. ^_^

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