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After a hiatus and bit of page cleaning, I'm back with more insane "elseworld" Exalted settings and custom martial arts. Updates will likely be midweek, as that's when classes and work are at a merciful minimum.

As for the obligitory background information, I'm an eighteen year old college student. I've been playing with roleplaying games since I was about twelve, first AD&D and Cyberpunk 2020, then World of Darkness. Today it's a strict diet of Exalted, New World of Darkness, and All Flesh Must be Eaten, but only the first one's important for the purposes of this page. My one real goal is to get something, be it a roleplaying game, novel, or book of photography, published.

Backgrounds, Merits, and Other Twinky Things

Custom Backgrounds - Backgrounds for the various games I may run. Currently focusing on retooling OWoD backgrounds for Exalted.

Custom Martial Arts

Cold Steel World Style - Celestial. An urban style for the soldier of fortune and outcaste alike.
Gentlemen Hero Style - Celestial. An outgrowth of the Solar Hero style; a more elegant fighting style for a more civilized timed.
Mudering Tyrant Style - Celestial. A first age martial art, based on option denial and crippling.
Rebellious Demon Style - Terrestrial. A fast-action and evasion focused martial arts style.


Iron Dusk - Solar Exalted. Dynastic outcast, now working as a mercenary.


Dungeons and Dragons Races: An Exalted Conversion - Just what it sounds like.


Please leave any and all commentary here.