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What I've Done

Plans for the Future

  • Specific weapons for Stomping Ghost-Boot Style and Whirling Sun and Moon Style
  • A post-mortem continuation of Stomping Ghost-Boot Style that requires Essence 4
  • Dashing wih Shears Style, based on not looking where you're going and failing lots of temperance checks.
  • Litany of the Blasphemer's Tongue Style, which prerequs to certain Linguistics Charms.
  • A custom Solar (or maybe Dragon-Blooded) Thrown tree based on the idea of Embroidery

Favourite Exalted Characters I've Played

My Characters tend to have, as an unnofficial conept "WORST [CHARACTER TYPE] EVER!!!!" For instance:

Dillamond: Stoner Raksha wanderring creation.

Ruari: Fire-Aspect with a custom amnesia (seen "Momento"?) and Wyld mutations. Woke his Shining One master every morning with "MASTER MASTER WHY DO I HAVE FOUR ARMS!!!"

Thunderous Mountain: A Temperence 1 No-Moon Lunar with no Lore and no Occult in an otherwise purely Solar group. He had a posse of followers singing his praises and a tendancy for picking fights he couldn't win. He got Crypt-Bolted to the face. (Also, the only gay character I've ever played.)

Footfalls on Snow: A ghostblooded I'm playing right now, and for whom I'm perfecting Stomping Ghost-Boot Style.

Non-Exalted Work

I'm also involved in a number of non-Exalted related roleplaying works, such as the Pentanima roleplaying game, and a as-of-yet unnamed peice about mental patients in late 19th century france.