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Auran was the second son of a minor Dragon-blooded satrap who ruled Idras'ha (a stagnating satrapy located near the Lap). Auran was destined to be the firstborn, inherit his father's satrapy (as per local custom) and achieve greatness, betraying his corrupt family in the process. Sensing this, the Satrap's advisor administered an alchemical concoction to Auran's mother before she went into labor, magically forcing her to deliver Auran's twin brother first.

Destiny wouldn't be denied so easily. Auran exalted not as a Terrestrial, but as a Solar, and snuck away on a journey that took him to Gem, Nexus and places more exotic still, building a band of mercenaries and sympathic Exalts to help him reclaim his stolen birthright. Auran succeeded in a palace coup, and now reigns over Idras'ha as Lord Auran. His mortal destiny fulfilled, Auran now sets his sights higher. His army of Tiger Warriors has already taken the nearby satrapy of Ank and earned him a political marriage to an up-and-coming Dynast. In the sand-scoured ruins of the South, ancient writings hint that Auran's last incarnation ruled much of the South, and commanded the very armies of Heaven. Could the same story be playing out again, and can Auran quench the callous lust for power that broke him a lifetime ago?

Coming Soon: Campaign details, an original scenario and long-awaited rules for Exalted cow-punching!

Mechanical Content

Charms/LordAuran : A few new charms.


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