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Sidereal martial arts are among the most potent Charms in Creation, perhaps matching the power of Solar and Abyssal foes in their specific aptitudes. These secret styles are the aptitude of their Sidereal progenitors, and it is they who most readily benefit from them. Solars may learn such Charms at increased cost, and cannot benefit from the Sutras that further empower Sidereal wielders, and will find making a style at this level difficult, or even impossible. Other Exalts are wholly unable to grasp the nature of such Styles' Essence.

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Second Edition

With Sutras

Border of Kaleidoscopic Logic Style (Understanding) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 111 (2e)
Charcoal March of Spiders Style (Consumption) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 119 (2e)
Citrine Poxes of Contagion Style (Decay) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 124 (2e)
Obsidian Shards of Infinity Style (Reflection) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 129 (2e)
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style (Essence) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 133 (2e)
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation (Essence) - canon style
Second edition update by IanPrice
Quicksilver Hand of Dreams Style (Dreaming) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 138 (2e)
Scarlet Patterned Battlefield Style (Sacrifice) - canon style
Scroll of the Monk - Page 145 (2e)
Amethyst Slayer Of Trust (Betrayal) - by FrivYeti
A style based around using and abusing others.
Ashen Calender of Setesh (Oblivion) - by haren
An all form charm style, designed to supplement other styles. (in reworking)
Harmony Under the Obsidian Sun (Darkness) - by LordLeafar
A Style that focuses on darkness, shadows, and the void to a certain extent.
Ivory Tableaux of Presumption (Gambling) - by MartialArtsRelay
Unfinished relay based on "cards".
Sable Disposition of Being (Creativity) - by Wordman
A style that turns painting into reality, based on an unfinished relay style.

Without Sutras

Dancing Hand of Mercy - by willows
Kung fu Buddhist ballet. (unfinished)

First Edition

With Sutras

Charcoal March of Spiders Style (Consumption) - canon style
Sidereal - Page 184 (1e)
Citrine Poxes of Contagion Style (Decay) - canon style
Sidereal - Page 195 (1e)
Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Style (Essence) - canon style
Sidereal - Page 189 (1e)
Amber Hawk in Flames (Immolation) - by FourWillowsWeeping
Exploring phoenix imagery.
Argent Winds of Desolation (Submission) - by Telgar
Bow-based Martial Art based upon control of your opponent
Ashen Calendar of Setesh (Oblivion) - by haren
A style that is Deathlord created as a mockery of Sidereal martial arts.
Ashen Skies of Disaster (Disaster) - by Shakenzerite
Ranged natural disasters
Azure Dance of Minds - by Konpeito : unfinished style based around music.
Bistre Clash of Ideals (Conflict) - by DeadManSeven
In the martial arts, conflicts are inevitable, both external and interal.
Black Knight of Triumph (Conflict) - by DeathBySurfeit
A Style inspired by an infamous joining of swords.
Celestial Configuration of Heaven (Destiny) - by BurgerSlave
Refines Sidereal control over fate and destiny.
Chromatic Elements of Dragons - by Fifth
A Style based off of Prismatic Arrangement of Creation and geared toward the Elemental Dragon Styles
Cinereous Flock of Raptors (Command) - by PassengerPigeon
A style for people with buddies, or who just like birds.
Cinereous Weave of Lies (Betrayal) - by DeadManSeven
A style for liars and jaded lovers.
Crimson Dance of the Living Blade (Steel) by ObsidianTank
Requires mastery of Violet Bier of Sorrows Style, and extends the scope of the preceeding Celestial Style.
Crimson Thicket of Bamboo (Growth) - by Quendalon
A blatant, dramatic style for those who like things big.
Diamond Weave of Destiny (Fate) - by Quendalon
Using fate as a weapon.
Diamond Weave of Destiny 2 (Fate) - by FiatVictrix
An alternate version of the previous style.
Effulgent Lubrication of Sinews (Carnality) - by WaiyaddoNoDan
A languid, almost decadent martial arts style. It centers on pleasure, distraction, sex, and birth.
Eight Storm (Self) - by Telgar
Mastery of the internal Essence flows, the body and the mind. Based on the eight chakras.
The Facets of the Moving Windmill (Development) - by TheHangedMan
A Style which focuses on the three fundamental aspects of life: Growth, Stasis, Decay.
Fivefold Dragon Master (Elemental Dragons) - by Sumocat
A Sidereal trancension of the Immaculate Martial Arts.
Force of Life (Life) - by DualMegami
Garnet Scales of the Kings (Dragon Kings) - by Shakenzerite
A style based on lessons learned from the Dragon Kings.
Kaleidoscopic Drift of Concepts (Change) - by DeadManSeven
A subtle style that focuses on subtle change for grand effect.
Lucent Guardian in the Night Sky (Astrology) - by MartialArtsRelay
A warstrider-based astrology style.
Mastery of theSacred Wind (virtues) - by Issaru
A sidereal style concentrating on cultivating all virtues.
Monochrome Storm of Butterflies (Transience) - by Capric
A really flashy style based around butterflies, undead hordes, and curtain fire shooters.
Obsidian Storm of Sorrows (Death) - by Shin
A Sidereal level style that emulates death and the silent touch of the grave, designed for assasin types with miscellaneous stealth-boosting charms. A work in progress. Listed up to the Form Charm.
Obsidian Tableaux of Nihility (Elsewhere) - by DeadManSeven
Perse Winds of Midnight (The Hunt) - by DeadManSeven
A predatory style that mutes the idea of distance.
Relentless Pursuit of Perfection (Perfection) - by GregLink
A style demanding only true perfectio.
Roiling Vernal Tempest (Passion) - by FourWillowsWeeping
A style based on the inherent contradiction of spring.
Sable Evocation of Image (Painting) - by MartialArtsRelay
Unfinished relay based on "portraits".
Sable Ineffability of Nocturnes (Sorrows) - by Wohksworth
An Orphean Style of love lost.
Sapphire Daiklave of Severance (Division) - by Quendalon
Notes on a style for cutting away both matter and abstractions.
Threefold Ways of Torment (Suffering) - by Loveablehydra
An elder level style developed to teach the fundamental nature of being exalted.
Verdant Breath of Seasons (Time) - by AlecAustin
A style based on unifying the power of the four seasons with that of Calibration.
Verdant Path of Serpents (Balance) - by Alienated_One
A serpentine tree composed of effects including those venomous and regenerative.
Vermeil Snare of Perfection (Desire) - by DeadManSeven
A style that explores the similarities of love and bondage.
Vermilion Cavalcade of Moments (Motion) - by Kurulham
A style based on the idea of time as discrete. In progress.
Viridian Mantle of Innovation (Understanding) - by OhJames
This style operates on the principle that all thinking creatures project a stream of consciousness from their crown chakras. This stream of Essence is what allows for creativity and thought. By blocking, diverting, or widening the stream, a skilled martial artist may meddle with the mental faculties of his opponents.
White Aegis of the Guardian (Protection) - by DeadManSeven
A style for defending your allies.
White-Veiled Gardener (Selection) - by DeathBySurfeit
A style focused on the selfabsorbed pruning of destiny, and the fallibility of such efforts.

Without Sutras

Achromatic Lexicon Of Creation - by DeathBySurfeit
A forgotten style based on narrative weight, influenced by shaping combat.
Black Expectoration of Blasphemy - by Telgar
A fairly rare style shunned for its dark reputation and disrespectful nature, the Blasphemy Style strips away its opponent's fortune and skill.
Darkened Art of Emptiness (Emptiness) - by BogMod
An abandoned style focused on the principal of emptiness.
Distant Immaterial Touch - by KitBox : An unfinished style based on the indirect transfer of energy through a medium.
Emerald Dreams of the Wyld - by Thinker
A coordinated arrangement which amplifies the user's power over Chaos.
Fourfold Master of the Beasts - by Sabis
An advanced Martial Arts style designed for Lunars, as the Imaculater arts were for Dragon Blooded.
Green Sun - by AliasiSudonomo
A Demon-hunting Martial Art that evokes the very thing it is designed to fight.
Kaleidoscopic Mastery of Elements - by Thinker
A Sidereal-level continuation of the Immaculate Paths' elemental empowerment.
Seven Leaping Dragon - by demontongue
Designed by Sidereals to test the limits of Solar power.