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Whee! At last, the Slave of Burgers has come back to the Exalted Wiki! Er. Or something. ^_^v

Here, I'll be posting all my original works for Exalted. Characters, fiction, art, Charms--you all know the drill. I'm glad to be a part of this project, and I hope my meagre erudition can measure up to the supreme quality of work I've seen here.

Catch you on the Wyld side!

"May I take your order?"


July 1, 2004 - First update in over a month. Mostly, the downtime of the wiki itself, but also due to pressure in real life. Fixed the problem with return characters.

BurgerSlave/Characters -- Here, I'll start posting the bevy of Exalted characters I've dreamed up over the years, along with their mighty tales and legends.

BurgerSlave/Art - A companion section to Characters, this area will have sketches of various Exalted personages. Because GeoCities sucks, you'll have to manually enter these addresses so you can see the pictures. I'm working on something a little more convenient. Bear with me.

BurgerSlave/Fiction - Ah, my favorite. Short stories set in the world of Exalted, usually (but not always) featuring Dramatis Personnae from the Characters section.

BurgerSlave/Charms - A dumping ground for new Charms and Martial Arts styles made up by me.

BurgerSlave/TheToybox - Toys! A listing of Artifacts and relics, both from the First Age and the modern day.

BurgerSlave/Miscellany - Stuff that don't quite fit under the other headings.


You should stick your Artifacts under the Artifacts page, Burger. Just sort them by level and make a page for each, if you've got enough. Otherwise just one page of all your artifacts is standard fare. Turtle Style also needs to go under MA. Last thing, please remember to set Preferences when posting, otherwise people can do bad things with your IP info. Just trying to keep the wiki pretty and all - Telgar