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I've got a lot of roleplaying and mostly GM'ing experience with different systems (Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, a few strange systems out there) . I've only gotten into Exalted recently, within the past year and a half. Since then, my creative energies have been directed at that, partly because it's the only system I can seem to get my friends interested in (Which is a good thing I find, as most of my friends aren't avid roleplayers).

Not sure what else to put here, many changes soon to come. I'll be listing a few things that I'll eventually upload once I have time.

Martial Arts

Pattern of Disharmony Style An acupuncture based martial arts that needs more fluff and better names.

Jade Duelist Style A terrestrial martial arts that uses rapiers.

Dragon Blooded Charms

(to be uploaded/work in progress) Different DB elemental trees. - My idea of DB charms, influenced by the different elemental melee charms from Resplendence.

Solar Charms

a few things here and there to be uploaded. Mostly influnced by my crazy wolf night caste.


[[[PoisonFish/Chaya]], the happiest place in creation]] - a game I am running on the giant in the playground boards. This'll be a collection point for who's around and general information or anything my players want me to upload.


To be uploaded


Welcome to the Wiki! It's always good to see new contributors. I'd like to invite you to visit WoDIRC sometime, in the interests of building community spirit! - David.

I'd love to join, though I seem to be having a few issues joining for now. I'm assuming it's the current network I'm on. - PoisonFish