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I'm just starting. Doing the Wiki thing seems complicated but I'm hopeful that here I'll get the feedback I feel I need for future games to go forward in my group. Please be kind to me.

Honorable Mentions: Some things I've seen on the net just need to be shared. Thoth's Quixotic Knight Style here: https://ruscumag.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/exalted-quixotic-knight-style-terrestrial-martial-art/#comment-39649

Martial Arts

The Six King's Style: A form of Martial Arts that is said to make the user a Superhuman.

Sinanju : Another 'superhuman' fighting style, I really like the whole Humanity transcendence thing.

Air Flow, Silver Mirror : A martial arts style is based on the reflections of an elderly monk.

Wandering Hero: A Fighting Style based on the idea that skill can be honed to levels unknown.

Campaign Archives

The Kingdom of Sarine: The location of my current Campaign and one of the Hundred Kingdoms. The Kingdom itself is a well known for its League of Guardians, a formal milita that has a large population of Enlightened, and the Academy of Alchemy.