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Welcome to YMMV Land

On wings of glory, we will carry on
Far across the diamond veils
toward the distant sun
and in the darkness shining
far beyond the starlight
Lightning is striking from the dark dawning shadows
and in the Kingdom of the Everlasting Sun
when the glory of the Master's time has come!

~Dragon Force "Fury of the Storm"


Custom Setting:DualMegami/MetropolitanExalted


Currently playing
DualMegami/SheWhoWalksWithLightinHerWake for the god knows how manyth time I've re-statted this character. DualMegami/TheBlackAbbot a ??? Caste ??? DualMegami/MiaperaTheUnassuming

DualMegami/SerasWinterbloodReduxDualMegami/BearSeras an experiment at high Essence Lunardom DualMegami/Faceless DualMegami/RisingMercury DualMegami/CobaltThunderakaTepetGabrielle DualMegami/TienPyriaRedux DualMegami/LanceoftheSky DualMegami/LightinHerWakeRebuff

Charms and Sorcery

Solar Charms

DualMegami/SolarArchery DualMegami/SolarAthletics DualMegami/SolarIntegrity DualMegami/SolarInvestigation DualMegami/SolarLore DualMegami/SolarPerformance DualMegami/SolarPresence DualMegami/SolarMelee DualMegami/SolarResistance DualMegami/SolarRide DualMegami/SolarThrown DualMegami/SolarWar DualMegami/SolarHeroStyleExtensions

Martial Arts


DualMegami/MalleableEarthStyle (I didn't intend for this to be "Mud Wrestling Style")


DualMegami/HolyWarriorStyle (the big brother of Golden Janissary) DualMegami/CelestialFuryStyle (face-ripping goodness) DualMegami/FateTouchedHeroStyle (a balanced alternative to 2e's VBoS) DualMegami/TheOpenPalmsOfDisruptionStyle (old school punch fu)



Charms and Sorcery

Abyssal Charms

(basically a few Abyssalized versions of the above listed charms)



  • Dawn Caste


  • Zenith Caste

DualMegamiCharacters/SerasWinterblood DualMegamiCharacters/LightInHerWake

  • Night Caste



  • Chosen of Journeys


  • Chosen of Battles



(These poor PCs have been made, but only played once or twice)

DualMegami/BloodRose for a first age usurpation Y'ALL ARE GONNA DIE game.

House Rules, etc

DualMegami/LunarRevisions I hope everything is done right this time..^_^u

More Nifty Stuff




Leave Me Love

(cleaned up some of the older comments)

You know that your Wiki Addresses are backwards, right? It's not Athletics/SolarCharms, its SolarCharms/Athletics. Category first, item second. So you should have Artifacts/DualMegami and Artifacts/Thingy. Not Thingy/Artifacts. - Telgar, wikinazi.

It was calibration when I made the page. ~DualMegami

Now, I'm not terribly familiar with Lunars, but I had a little idea for your DBT revamp. What about Beastman charms that aren't tied to caste? They could be associated with three attributes not of the same group. You might have Predatory Beastman Transformation, which would benefit Dex, Manipulation and Perception, give some related powers, so forth. Just an idea. It'd definitely open up some more possibilities for variety. - ErykTheRed

The Lunars' Essence were Altered, and thus there are only 3 castes now, instead of 5. Because they tampered with them, it limits their power. That was my reasoning behind it. And I didn't really feel like tampering around with a variety of different Attribute Enhancing transformation charms. If a player wanted to say that their Lunar remembered a Beastman Transformation from the First Age and wanted it to boost their Str/Cha/Int I'd probably allow it.

Hey...I'm here at last. - BStyles
PS - I'd like to know what you call the campaign you're running for myself, Anthony, Sean and Elisa....and also, what the name of the opening village was, again... *sweatdrop*

Allo allo - good to see you back. :) Quick request - a small group of us has been trying to get everything linked from the WikiContent section, and I noticed that a bunch of your newer pages don't seem to be linked there. This is sad, since people browsing the pages won't be able to find your stuff. We'll get around to it eventually (no promises on when, those Ss and Ts are intimidating...), but if you want it done faster, and do it yourself, I will shower you with joy and gratitude. :) - FrivYeti