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The Golden Rule: Change What You Want

This is a little bit of a tricky page, because realistically, most of ExaltedWiki is already houserules -- it's just that they're mostly indexed pretty specifically. For example, if you wanted Familiar houserules, you'd look in Backgrounds; if you wanted Charm houserules, Charms; specific Exalted, their Exalt-type pages (e.g. Sidereals); etc, etc, etc. So all we have here are general houserule pages by user. Please index your specific houserule pages on their appropriate WikiContent main pages.

Specific Houserules By Category

Charm and Essence Houserules

Combat, Weapons and Armor Houserules

Character Houserules

Ability Houserules

Background Houserules

Houserules by Contributor (General Rules)


Okay. As I noted at the top, this page is kind of superfluous, because everyone's specific HouseRules are indexed elsewhere already. And if we tried to list every single specific houserule page here, this page would be a horrible mess and we'd probably just end up making subpage indexes anyway, and since everything relevant is already indexed on relevant pages, why should we bother? So I've removed all the specific houserule sets.
~ Shataina