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Welcome to my userpage. As you can see, I have a moderate amount of content, with more on the way. I'm an Exalted player/ST from Queens NY. I enjoy TT games, although I can also be found haunting Online chats from time to time.

Table of Contents

DarkWolff/Artifacts - My artifacts.
DarkWolff/Campaigns - Information on Campaigns that I run.
DarkWolff/Characters - Characters that I've played.
DarkWolff/CharacterSheets - Custom character sheets by yours truly.
DarkWolff/HouseRules - 1st editon House Rules.
DarkWolff/HouseRules2e - 2nd edition House Rules.
DarkWolff/MartialArts - Martial Arts I've created.
[1] - My WWWiki Exalted Userpage. Although I gave up posting there, I figured I'd leave this link up.


3/31/09 - Added Righteous Paladin Style


Comments are welcome.
-- DarkWolff

Even the spam comments? ^_^
-- Darloth

Hey DarkWolff, thanks so much for all your hard work de-spamming the attack on this lovely April day in 2006 (for the sake of posterity). You are TEH CHAMPION! --UncleChu

It's not a big deal, I just didn't want to see the spam there. Trithne & Darloth helped as well. Spam isn't welcome though!  :)