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These are the changes that I will be making to the regular rules when I start running my next exalted campaign. They are a work in progress, and are heavily influenced by other people's ideas.


The strength table sucks, use this one


Brawl is back! Is caste/aspect Dawns, Dusks, Endings, and Water

I use second ed craft abilities even though I play/run first ed.

When purchased, the Crafts Ability provides one Craft automatically, such as Crafts (Fire) or Crafts (Air). Each extra Craft may be purchased at the cost and training times of a specialty, at which point the player applies her full Crafts dicepool to that Craft.

Craft (Magitech) requires Three dots in Lore and Occult before it can be purchased.
Craft (Genesis) requires three dots in Lore and Medicine before it can be purchased.

Adding, will be caste/aspect for Zeniths, Midnights, Endings, and Earths

Linguistics is a score from 0 to 5 which measures a character's skill with the written word. All Linguistics Charms use a character's Linguistics rating instead of whatever other social roll is listed.

Characters may purchase languages at the same cost as specialties. A character may use her full Linguistics rating with any language she knows.

Martial Arts
Ah martial bastard you. You go away. Using these rules with the exception that I'll let the charms be used unarmed as well. I want to try that out and see how it goes, but it might go to being exactly like Telgar's. Martial Arts will be replaced by either war or integrity. Depends on caste and stuff.

Resitance + Endurance
Combining them into just Resistance like Ex2 did.

War for Dawns, Dusks, Battles, and Earths.


Dragon Tear Tiaras are level 1 Artifacts

FiveGreatAlchemies - Going to move to these rules.


Each background can be taken once. For backgrounds like Artifact and Manse this means that if the character wants more than one (and their version doesn't already give it) then they can purchase more dots in the background.

Ex - Solar wants a two dot artifact and a one dot artifact. He purchases three dots in artifact.

This stops the problem I had with one of my player's characters. He had a ton of artifacts, but few other backgrounds. Just doesn't feel right with the lack of support system Solars deal with.

The Sorcery Background is available to any who might have gone to a magical school - up to your Mentor Rating. It follows the progression of the Necromancy Background, and not Outcastes.

Followers, Retainers, and Henchmen can be taken by all character types. Command can be taken by any character connected to a military (ie. most Dynasts and Lookshyan Dragonbloods as well as anything else within reason). Their rules are as follows:
Followers - Gives 1-15 extras per dot.
Retainers - Gives skilled non-extra mortal followers as listed in Outcast. Skilled means they know how to do their job. Chef knows how to cook, cartographer can make maps, butler knows how to...butle...
Henchmen - Gives 1 Heroic Mortal follower per dot. God-blooded, Half-caste, and awakened mortals are options, but must be cleared by storyteller. More powerful henchmen can be gained with more dots per follower.
Command - as in Dragonblooded, but must have in character reason.

They Ally background is more people that you know who will help you out as opposed to people who travel with you, or captain your ships. Ex. Lunar Partner from the First Age that will help you out occasionally is an ally. The God-Blood who is the first mate on your ship is a henchman.

These rules make High Command superior to High Followers for characters wanting to lead troops, however this is offset by two things. First followers are loyal only to you, and command based troops are members of a military, and second characters with command are also part of a military chain of command. Also followers do not come equipped nearly as well as command troops.

Note: If a good enough reason is given practically any background can be taken by any character.

  • Moray Darktide, the Silver Prince's Solar, has Abyssal Command.
  • Black Ice Shadow the Endings Sidereal tasked with knowing about death has Necromancy as a background.

Note about Note: The Tiger Warrior background is ONLY available to CotI Solars.


The expanded rules first made in Sol Invictus and their extrapolations:

For Lunars I will be trying out the rules of LiberiLunaris. I had originally decided on SilverMasks but after a good reading I decided it was just too different. Really good, but really different.


Adding Telgar's excellent excellency rules found here

Tiger Warrior Training Technique will have fewer prereq's. In Ex2 it would have any two war excellencies, but I haven't decieded about First Ed (which is what we play) yet, but no more than a couple charms.

I like FrivYeti's Dragonblooded training charms. Will be makeing a few changes to them, but they're pretty nice.

All Martial Arts charms will have a non combat abiltiy that it is based on. This ability will take the place of martial arts in terms of prereqs and any time martial arts is referred to by the charms.


Using FrivYeti's combo rules. They're good.