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This page is devoted to alternate backgrounds, houseruled backgrounds, background discussions, etc.

Background overhauls

Houseruled versions of canon backgrounds

People come up with new and better ways of using Exalted's backgrounds fairly frequently; here's a list of houseruled background systems.






  • Family - this DB background seems to mesh with some of the martyr uses of DB charms (if your character's ancestors used them) here is how.


  • Shataina's Manse Creation System -- No one ever makes cool Manses when they take the "Manse" background; they just take cool Hearthstones and often forget about the "giant magical house" part entirely. This system, vaguely based on the Artifact creation system in "S&S", is intended to help people make interesting and fun Manses.



New Backgrounds

  • Area Lore - Knowledge and familiarity with certain regions.
  • Bastions - a new type of Artifact-Manse hybrid designed to create lairs and ancient fortresses with vast powers in and of themselves. - Telgar
  • Disciple- A Former Flaw that I thought had potential as a background- Enchantress
  • Exposure - Your character has been exposed to facets of Creation and knows more than the layman.
  • Feature - Your character has a particular location or object that makes life easier.
  • Illumination for Cultists in Second Edition.
  • Laboratory - A Background for mortals or slumming Exalts that represents the results of mortal geomancy at work. Goes a bit against what cannon suggests mortal geomancy be capable of. - Greymane
  • Legends - The unique powers of Heroes!
  • Sorcery for Second Edition.
  • Starstriders - Owning weapons of massive size.
  • Thaumaturgy- Some encouragement for Exalts to learn the mortal arts- Enchantress
  • Weave - A raksha-only Background that starts faeries with increased shaping capability at birth. -DarkheartOne
  • Seiraryu/Wizardry - Like the Sorcery background, but stronger.