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  • Immaculate Golden Bow: The bow created with this charm has a Rate and Accuracy equal to the character's Essence, and range equal to (Archery)X75 yards.
  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed now has a cost that works the exact same way as the new Peony Blossom cost (see below). It's the exact same thing, only with archery. The maximum number of attacks that can be purchased with Trance of Unhesitating Speed is the character's Archery+Essence.


  • Shockwave Technique isn't a charm, it's judicious use of Crashing Wave Throw and the mechanics for Shockwave Technique will be used for such use.
  • New Charm: (Not play-tested yet, so please comment!)

Unconquered Body Technique

Cost: 5m, 1WP
Duration: 1 scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Brawl: 4
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisites: Ox-Stunning Blow, Dragon Coil Technique
The body of an Exalt using this charm crackles with the brilliant essence of the Unconquered Sun, becoming a potent weapon against creatures of Darkness (demons, undead, and Abyssals). Unarmed attacks against such creatures while Unconquered Body Technique is active have the Solar's Essence added to their base damage and do Aggravated. If such a creature makes an unarmed attack against an Exalt using this charm, they take ("soakable") dice of Aggravated damage equal to the Solar's Essence.
  • New Charm: (Not play-tested yet, so please comment!)

Irresistable Blow

Cost: 4m
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Brawl: 4
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisites: Fist of Iron Technique
An Exalt using this charm adds the force of a charging bull to their blow, making blocking it almost useless. The successes gained on an unarmed attack roll modified with Irresistable Blow are added as a difficulty rating to parrying the attack. This charm has no effect on attacks that aren't parried, and the user suffers no ill effects from being parried by weapons that do Lethal damage.
Example: Moras is running from some Imperial guards, trying to get back to his ship that's making way with all his weapons on it (the whole thing was an honest misunderstanding, but the guards don't believe it). One cuts him off, and threatens Moras with a straight sword. Moras goes to punch the guard who parries in response, so Moras activates Irresistable Blow and gets 5 successes on the attack roll. The guard's parry must first overcome a difficulty of 5 before it starts reducing Moras's successes, which it doesn't. Moras lays the guard out and continues on to his ship.


  • Melee Charms cannot be declared and paid for after a directly related roll is made, this so totally includes defensive charms it isn't funny.
  • Blazing Solar Bolt requires Edge of Morning Sunlight instead of Radiant Strike Prana, and has a maximum range of the user's EssenceX10 yards.
  • Corona of Radiance is replaced by...

Radiant Strike Prana

Cost: 5m, 1WP
Duration: 1 scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Melee: 5
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisites: Edge of Morning Sunlight
The Exalt using this charm charges their weapon with radiant solar essence, making it more effective against creatures of Darkness (demons, undead, Abyssals). Melee attacks made against such creatures while Radiant Strike Prana is active have their difficulty to be dodged or parried increased by 2, the weapon has the user's Essence added to its base damage, and do Aggravated.
  • Edge of Morning Sunlight requires Hungry Tiger Technique instead of Iron Raptor Technique, and has a minimim Melee of 4.
  • Glorious Solar Saber: The weapon created by this charm is the same every time. Add the characters Melee and Essence for a creation point pool distributed between the weapon's Speed, Accuracy and Defense. The weapon's base damage is equal to the character's Essence. As the character's Melee and Essence improve the weapon improves, adding and distributing points as appropriate.
  • Golden Essence Block costs 1 mote/die added to the parry attempt. The character cannot buy dice for their weapon or specialties, however the defense value of the weapon is added to the dice pool as normal. Specialties are not added to a pool made by this Charm.
  • Peony Blossom Attack: The first attack made in a turn where Peony Blossom is used costs 3 motes. Each successive attack costs a cumulative +1. The maximum number of attacks that can be purchased with Peony Blossom Attack is the character's Melee+Essence.
Example: Dukestra is surrounded by five immaculate monks. He knows that if he can hit them, he can take them down but he has to do so this turn. He activates Peony Blossom Attack and decides to make six attacks in case one misses (his Melee+Essence is 7, so this's fine). This costs him 27 motes (2+3+4+5+6+7=27). As he dispatches the last Immaculate he thinks to himself, "I'm glad we're not using canon otherwise that would've cost me 40 motes."
  • Ready in Eight Directions Stance costs 6 motes and 1 Willpower, and lasts for a Scene.



  • Armored Scout's Invigoration</b> and <b>Front-Line Warrior's Stamina are collapsed into/replaced by...

Front-Line Warrior's Invigoration

Cost: 5 motes/reduction
Duration: 1 day
Type: Simple
Minimum Endurance: 2
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisites: (none)
For every 5 motes spent activating this charm, the Solar reduces the mobility penalty and fatigue value of their armor by 1. This reduction cannot excede the character's Endurance. The charm ends if the character using it removes the armor they're wearing or dons new armor. If either value is reduced below 0, you're wrong and it's 0.
  • Tiger Warrior's Endurance costs 5 motes and 1 willpower and negates any mobility penalty or fatigue value from armor or shields. It lasts until the armor is removed.


  • Durability of Oak Meditation and Spirit Strengthens the Skin have their places on that Resistance tree switched. This means:
    • Spirit Strengthens the Skin requires Resistance 1, Essence 1.
    • Durability of Oak Meditation requires Resistance 3, Essence 1.
    • Charms requiring Durability of Oak Meditation now require Spirit Strengthens the Skin and vice-versa.
  • Durability of Oak Meditation does not require rolling; the user gains +2B soak per mote spent, capping at their Stamina+Resistance.
  • Iron Skin Concentration does not prohibit wearing armor. However it only converts natural Bashing soak to Lethal soak. Hence, the soak provided by the armor does not apply to the effects of the charm. Durability of Oak Meditation enhances natural soak, thus it "stacks" with Iron Skin Concentration.
Example: Xenon the Zenith has Stamina 4 and is wearing a buff jacket. His natural soak is 4B/2L, and the armor provides an additional +4B/+3L, making his soak total 8B/5L. He turns on Iron Skin Concentration. His natural soak is now 4B/4L. The Bashing soak of the armor is not converted to Lethal soak because it's armor, so his soak totals are now 8B/7L. Had he had +2B from Durability of Oak Meditation his natural soak would be 6B/6L, totaling 10B/9L with the buff jacket.
  • Unfailing Tortoise Technique does not "stack" with Iron Skin Concentration. Meaning, if ISC is active, and UTT is used, the increase in soak only applies to Bashing soak and is not funneled through ISC into Lethal soak as well.



  • Anointment of Miraculous Health requires Body Mending Meditation and Supreme Care Technique (see below).
  • Bodily Regeneration Prana requires Grievous Ailment Recovery Method (see below).
  • Grievous Ailment Recovery Method replaces Ailment-Rectifying Method and Grievous Injury Recovery Method. It requires Medicine 2, Essence 1 and Body Mending Meditation, and has a duration of 1 day. A character using this Charm benefits from the wound and illness recovery of the Charms that it replaces simultaneously, making a Stamina+Resistance roll to overcome a serious illness every 6 hours the Charm is in effect.
  • Supreme Care Technique replaces Contagion-Curing Touch and Wound Mending Care Technique. It requires Medicine 3, Essence 2 and Touch of Blissful Release. The character may tend a number of patients equal to their score in Medicine with this Charm, and the wound and illness recovery benefits of the Charms that it replaces occur simultaneously.
  • Touch of Blissful Release requires Flawless Diagnosis technique.



  • Lightning Speed persist for a turn, but is of Instant duration.
  • Feather-Foot Style costs 4 motes and lasts for a scene.
  • Spider-Foot costs 3 motes and lasts for a scene.


  • Dodge charms cannot be declared and paid for after an attack roll is made.

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